Dear Readers: Get “Absolutely Safe” With a Discount and Own the Film That Tells the Full Story About Breast Implants

By Christine |


Absolutely Safe

Earlier this year we introduced readers to “Absolutely Safe,” a documentary about the safety of breast implants told through the stories of women whose choices intersect with health, money, science and cultural pressures that narrowly define beauty.

Directed by Carol Ciancutti-Leyva, the documentary was screened at a number of film festivals and on college campuses, and it received lots of praise (including from our own Judy Norsigian — Our Bodies Ourselves is one of the film’s main outreach partners).

It is now available on DVD, and the distributor is offering Our Bodies Our Blog readers a 15 percent discount on individual purchases. CLICK HERE and you’ll get $3.75 off the regular DVD price of $24.98. Multiple orders are permitted.

Plus, if you buy the DVD before Jan. 15, Our Bodies Ourselves will receive $3 for every DVD sold. A win-win for everyone.

Check out the trailer below and the “Absolutely Safe” website, which provides excellent background along with information on FDA regulations, statistics on who gets implants, and take-action suggestions — including tips from Our Bodies Ourselves on redefining beauty.

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One Comment

  1. Lara says:

    Every woman considering breast augmentation needs to carefully review the facts and risks-unfortunately she won’t get that from her doctor. How many women need to suffer before people take this issue seriously? After a friend went through her own augmentation I learned so much from the group at It convinced me NEVER to consider this surgery.

    I hope this video helps build awareness.