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By Rachel Walden |

As many of you may know, OBOS Executive Director Judy Norsigian is on Twitter, where she shares links to our posts and other items of interest. If you’re unfamiliar with this social networking tool, Twitter allows users to post very short (140-character) messages to share with their “followers,” and to view these updates from those they are “following.” Here is a sampling of health-related government, news, and organization Twitter accounts I’m familiar with; please leave additional suggestions in the comments!

U.S. Government

  • AIDSgov – HIV/AIDS information and news
  • CDCFlu – flu information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • CDCEmergency – emergency preparedness info from the CDC
  • Disabilitygov – disability resources
  • girlshealth – from HHS’s
  • HHSGov – Health and Human Services
  • medlineplus4you – MedlinePlus, consumer health information provider from the National Library of Medicine
  • NCIprevention – cancer prevention info from the National Cancer Institute
  • NIMHgov – from the National Institute of Mental Health
  • womenshealth – from the National Women’s Health Information Service

Health News

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Also, WeNews, from Women’s eNews


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