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  1. Pat Mitchell says:

    A true champion for women. He was known to many as a last bastion of hope. We called him Saint George and I’m proud to vote for him.

  2. Marguerite Reed says:

    I worked for Dr. Tiller for 12 years. He was my boss, my teacher, my mentor, my friend. More importantly, he was the physician of last resort to thousands of women. He changed the world.

  3. Beverly Whipple says:

    He was there for women who needed him. He was there for colleagues who needed him. He truly made a difference in the world of women’s healthcare and it is not the same without him.

  4. Carrie Klaege says:

    My time working with George Tiller was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I am forever grateful for the many things I learned from him and thankful I was able to call him my friend. Yes for George Tiller!

  5. Carol Bunk says:

    I met Dr. Tiller at the NAF conference in April just before his death and feel that was one of the best moments of my life. I feel that I was meeting my hero. I appreciate all he did for women. Thank you Dr. Tiller

  6. tammy says:

    women’s lives and their families were changed by this man and his work…huge loss to people everywhere…

  7. MomTFH says:

    I was upset to see demonstrators outside this month’s ACOG conference holding up a sign with his picture. How disgusting to be proud of such an atrocity – the man was gunned down in his church.