Meeting Dispatch: Resources from the CUE/Cochrane/Campbell Colloquium

By Rachel Walden |

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare Advocacy Summit, followed by the joint colloquium of the Cochrane and Campbell Collaborations. Each of these organizations is focused on promoting evidence-based healthcare, through consumer advocacy organizations (CUE),  systematic reviews and meta-analyses on healthcare (Cochrane) and social, education, and justice work (Campbell).

Over the course of the conference, I attended a lot of great sessions, met plenty of interesting people, and learned about many resources of interest. Here are a few from that last category:

Beyond these resources, I met or saw speak lots of interesting folks working in various forms of healthcare and consumer advocacy, from groups such as the National Women’s Health Network, Black Women’s Health Alliance, National Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Health, National Partnership for Women and Families, National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition, Childbirth Connection, the Children with Diabetes Foundation, and more. If you were there, say hi to us in the comments!

Tweets from the meeting, full of links, quotes, and other commentary, are archived at What the Hashtag using the tag #ccckeystone; here’s a transcript. Mine are listed under @rachel_w.

I would like to express my thanks to the personnel of the U.S. Cochrane Center who arranged a scholarship and provided support for the meeting. It was a great, useful experience.

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  1. d'line says:

    The author of “Sex, lies and pharmaceuticals” is Ray Moynihan, and he’s a well-known and highly regarded skeptic of marketed health issues. Note I said “marketed”.

  2. Rachel says:

    You’re right, I must have scrambled things up when I drafted this post. I’m going to correct the name in the post now. Thanks!

  3. d'line says:

    Other, and I would say, primary sources of factual information on women’s health issues and drugs prescribed to women (and men).

    Women and Health Protection:

    Therapeutics Initiative: Possibly the ONE remaining non-industry funded pharmacology assessment of prescription drugs. Put your drug into the search engine.