A cat named Schuster

By Wendy |

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Submitted by: Margie Sved

Happy Anniversary!! Rubies and Red dresses!!

I found my second edition, which I dated as having bought in July 1978. I have no idea what’s happened to my first edition; I thought I had kept it. And, I first saw that first printing, before the first book, sometime around 1972, while in college.

The funny story around when the first edition came out, I got two kittens from the same litter, and wanted to give them “paired” names. I ended up calling them “Simon” and “Schuster,” since they had published OBOS. Simon died young, Schuster lived for

years, and I loved telling the story when people asked me how I chose that name!!

Our Bodies, Ourselves came out about when I came out, so I have always tied the two together. I became involved in the women’s health movement in 1974, when I was one of the founding mothers of the Durham Women’s Health Cooperative (Durham, NC).  And from those women’s health beginnings, I decided to go to medical school (1975-1979). Still seems like just yesterday. And in so many ways OBOS was my guide, and still is!

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