A very cool history teacher

By Wendy |

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Submitted by: Debbi Ali

I was 15 in 1970, and I had a very cool history teacher, who was young and interested in the women’s movement and all things associated with it. I remember in particular that we had a formal debate in class on abortion. It was that year and, I believe, through her that I got my first copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves.

It was the one printed on recycled paper and about 50 pages long. I carried it for years; bought copies for everyone I knew, and finally lost it in a fire in 1985. It served as a guidepost for many of my searches into sexuality; birth control and altered the way I looked at the health care system I became a part of as a nurse.

I have given copies and recommended Our Bodies, Ourselves to many young women who have come through my nurses office; to daughters of friends; and friends in general.

It is amazing to see where you have come to from that first printing!

Congratulations and thank you.

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