It never occured to me

By Wendy |

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Submitted by: Anonymous

I was blessed-gifted-chanced with the most beautiful, most kind and most loving parents. They taught me to love learning; reading; experiencing. I can tell them everything. My mother, when I was 9 and three quarters, bought me yet another book to quench my thirst for knowledge. This book was Our Bodies, Ourselves.

The first thing I noticed was the size, a several hundred page paperback. The second, the fact that it was nonfiction. Third, the pink on it’s cover. I did not like pink. I still do not like pink, not for it’s connotations, or that fact that it is the only shade of a  color to have a name-I digress. I poured through Our Bodies, Ourselves. I learned so much I did not ask my mother about. Not because I was embarrassed to ask her, but because it would never to occurred to me that that goes there…

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