I have only love and admiration for those first brave women

By Kiki Zeldes |

Submitted by: Meg Sawicki

The first time I saw “Our Bodies, Ourselves” was in 1977 and I was a freshman in college. Some women I knew had the book and I remember thinking how fantastic it was that a group of women had written a collection of stories that shared their own wisdom about health and life and being a woman. For the first time I was affirmed that different was okay, and I was hooked.

To this day the book remains one of my favorite gifts to give young women who I love and care about, including my own daughters. I have only love and admiration for those first brave women of the Boston Women’s Health Collective who gave us real and important information about our health and happiness, and who set the bar for other women’s self discovery books as the first of it’s kind. Cheers and all good things to my sisters of the Collective to continue to light the way.

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