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Please Include This in Your Book: Readers Respond to Our Bodies, Ourselves

Historian Wendy Kline recently published an article in the Bulletin of the History of Medicine exploring how reader responses to each edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves helped shape future editions. The synopsis of the article reads:

"This paper focuses on those ordinary women who responded to editions of Our Bodies, Ourselves in the 1970s and 1980s, illustrating how readers played a crucial role in the development and articulation of health feminism. By analyzing the exchange between writers and readers of the most popular and influential women's health text of this era, it reveals the process by which feminists translated and interpreted medical information about women's bodies. The personal stories of readers challenge us to consider the role of ordinary women in shaping the development of the women's health movement."

Click here to read the entire article (.pdf).

Special thanks to the John Hopkins University Press for permission to post this article. (Kline, Wendy. “Please Include This in Your Book”: Readers Respond to Our Bodies, Ourselves. Bulletin of the History of Medicine 79:1 (2005), 81-110. © The John Hopkins University Press.)






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