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Personal Stories of Labor and Birth

this was a planned pregnancy, i took my nuvaring out the day after i got married and it took three months to get pregnant. the last week of january i had my first annual physical due to me recently being added to my new husband's insurance. i asked for a pregnancy test cus i thought i was a week late at the time. i was tested and confirmed and the family practitioner promptly told me he didn't handle pregnant women and refered me to another doctor. i went to the new doctor's office and had my first visit with the nurse, and she gave me a prenatal vitamin prescription, books and info. 
fast forward. i'm reading tons of books and watching baby story during my pregnancy. i'm forming opinions about how i want my birth to be and having disagreements with the ob. i made a birth plan, he didnít want to sign it and only reluctantly did so after noting all the things he wouldnít follow if they weren't safe or possible to do. i told him i didn't want an epidural and he said he didn't believe in pain in labor. i wanted to deliver at Ingham (a hospital that i'd heard many good things about) but he said he only had privileges at Sparrow (a hospital i heard bad things about) i asked him his cs rate and he said "the same as it is throughout the Lansing community 14-16%". That wasn't a specific number and considering that the rate at the hospital that he works for is over 30% (i think) that statement might not have necessarily been true. 
saturday i lose my mucous plug, saturday evening i had sex, from 10pm to 11 i think i had 2 contractions that felt different from braxton hicks. i go to sleep. i wake up at 3 am to one contraction, go back to sleep. wake up and go to work at 7am. start timing contractions at work. VERY irregular. around 10 i prefer not to stand up straight during ctx, it feels better to squat or sit down. at 11 am my manager tells me i'm not allowed to sit down at work (Wal-Mart) so instead of lunch i eat and go home. on the drive home i cry during a contraction, but i donít know why. I enjoyed the feeling of my body working, i wasn't complaining.  at home i get my bag, pillows, fruit juice chips, etc ready. take a shower, ctx are still real irregular. i decide to go to hospital to get checked cuz a lady at work told me i should. i was fully expecting to be sent back home. keep in mind this was 11 days before my due date, my baby hadn't dropped, my contractions were irregular (and i later found out that my baby was posterior so maybe she was getting ready to turn and drop) but i donít think she was ready to be born.

so i went to the hospital around 3pm i was checked in triage and determined to be 6 cm so i was admitted at exactly 3:45pm. i walked around the hall for two hours and at 6 the nurse came and asked if the doctor could break my water, i said no, then the doctor himself came and asked because he wanted to know if it was clear. i felt nothing was wrong with my baby and should have repeated no to him but i gave in. so now i didnít know how to walk the halls dripping water over the floor so i laid in bed on a towel. by the way i was still at 6cm at that time. at seven the doc decided i should have pitocin, so i let him. the increased it every 30 min and i never progressed. at 9pm they asked me to take an epidural. i said i didnít want it, they said it might make you progress. i said epidurals stall labor, it will not help me progress. the kept asking and i said go ahead i was crying saying this is not what i wanted. i have a birth plan you guys are all going against my birth plan. they ask do you want us to call someone while you get your epidural. i say no it's not going to make any difference. i'm just so upset with the hospital at this point. i should have just walked outta there instead of getting the epidural. anyway they keep upping the pitocin, i don't know what level they got it too but i know they increased it every 30 min for 4 hours. at eleven the doctor decided that he would do a cs. i'm pretty sure he was getting tired and wanted to go to bed. there was NO medical reason for my c section. nothing wrong with my blood pressure, nothing wrong with the babyís heart rate, no fever, no abruption, no rupture, no reason at all except she wasnít ready and they werenít willing to wait. i cried on the or, asked them to elevate my head and they said they couldnít get enough drugs in the epi i kept feeling the tweezers every time they said can you feel this? i got tired of saying yes so i lied and said no. the section wasnít painful though, just tugging. the doctor never spoke to me, just made chit chat with the assistant. i asked to see my placenta and i heard the doctor tell the nurses so but nobody showed it to me. it took 38 mins before i saw kissa. she was all bundled up by that time. i'm really upset that i didn't see her come out or even know what she  looked like when they took her out. she wouldnít latch on and i donít really attribute it to the cs, unless it was from the epidural but i feel she's stubborn cuz she wouldnít open her mouth wide enough. i did pump and bottle feed her till my milk dried up at 16 weeks.

so that's my birth story, i'm upset. i was cheated and the medical system was not concerned with helping me have a good experience. they just wanted me in and outta there to make room for more slicees. thanks for taking the time to read this.

written by a 28-year-old woman

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