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The Politics of Women's Health

Egg Donation for IVF and Stem Cell Research: Time to Weigh the Risks to Womenís Health

As the number of women undergoing infertility treatments and using donor eggs to conceive increases, so too does the number of young women who are donating their eggs.  The articles in this section examine whether and how the risks of egg donation have been underplayed, and what regulations are needed to better ensure that the long-term consequences of donation are better understood and donors are provided the information they need to give informed consent.

The first article, Egg Extraction For Stem Cell Research: Issues for Womenís Health, is an overview of the social, political and ethical issues raised by the use of donor eggs.

The second article, Egg Donation for IVF and Stem Cell Research: Time to Weigh the Risks to Womenís Health, was written by OBOS executive director Judy Norsigian, and previously published in the spring 2005 edition of DifferenTakes Issue Paper Series. 

Itís Time for an Egg donor Registry and Long-term Follow-up, was written by the mother of an egg donor who subsequently developed cancer.

Finally, Permitting Payment for Women Providing Eggs for Research is a statement written by Our Bodies Ourselves in response to legislation pending in California.

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