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Emotional Well-Being

Breaking Down the Truth About Depression: Information for Teens

How to Deal With How You Feel

Dealing with depression is a serious thing and you need to talk to a doctor, therapist or other professional counselor to make sure that you can get appropriate care. One big problem is that mental health services—like seeing a psychotherapist* or psychiatrist*—are either not covered by health insurance or you have to fight with them to get it, so it can be costly. Make sure you get guidance on the kind of help you might need, and, if possible, use anti-depressants only while you are also being seen by a psychotherapist.

Whether or not your situation is serious enough to seek professional help as well as the support of those close to you, there are non-medical approaches you might try to help you “beat the blues.”

  • Exercise: Get out of the house for a walk or to play a sport. Studies show that regular exercise can be an effective (and fun!) way to ease, reduce, or get rid of your depression.
  • Join school activities: Get involved with an after school club or take a class in something you always wanted to try. Dancing, art, or reading are great activities that are relaxing to the mind and body.
  • Find support: Talk to an adult you trust. It could be an individual or a group. Getting your feelings out there can be a huge help and you could get valuable advice.
  • Make healthy decisions: Eating well and getting enough sleep is healthy for your body and mind.
  • Express yourself in writing: Find a journal and write about your daily experiences. This is a good strategy to help manage your emotions and sort through your feelings.

*Psychotherapist: a specialist who treats emotional and mental problems with talk therapy.
*Psychiatrist: a medical doctor who diagnoses and treats mental illness and can prescribe medicine.

Lights, Camera, Depression …

If you are suffering from depression, you are not alone. And if you think that celebrities don’t get depressed, think again.

  • Anne Hathaway (of The Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada fame) suffered with depression as a teen. She fought and won her battle with depression without the use of any medication.
  • Comedian Rosie O’Donnell has battled with depression her entire life, and overcame it at the age of 37 with the help of anti-depressants. Rosie has publicly said that she went through ten years of seeing different therapists before making her decision to finally use anti-depressants.
  • Mel C. of the Spice Girls experienced depression and an eating disorder when her celebrity life overwhelmed her. She uses counseling, medication, and alternative therapies like acupuncture to keep balance in her life now.
  • Drew Barrymore went through depression at a very young age as a result of family issues leadng to alcohol and drug use. After getting help in rehab, she was able to beat depression and continue her successful career.

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