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Reviews and other media coverage of Our Bodies, Ourselves

Print Articles

The New Yorker
Jan 5, 2009
Doing It: A new edition of “The Joy of Sex”
Includes a detailed comparision between Our Bodies, Ourselves and The Joy of Sex

Barre Montpelier Times Argus
April 2, 2006
"'Our Bodies, Our Selves' authors to speak"

Rabble.ca: Book Lounge Reviews
February 9, 2006
"Phys Ed: The women's health manual that sparked a movement gets a full work up"

The Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health
January 2006
A Review of Our Bodies, Ourselves 

Anglofille: The Diary of an American Fille in London
November 18, 2005
"I (Heart) Book Critics"  a blog response by a former OBOS associate editor to critical reviews of Our Bodies, Ourselves in the Atlantic Monthly and the New York Times Book Review

Daily Hampshire Gazette
Nov 17, 2005
"'Our Bodies' updated, Groundbreaking '70s Health Handbook Gets a New Look"

Look Smart Mom.com
October 2005
"Our Bodies, Ourselves Turns 35"

The Atlantic Monthly
October 2005
"Latex Conquers All"

Planned Parenthood, Choice! Magazine
October 14, 2005
"The New Our Bodies, Ourselves: From Grassroots-and-Granola to Generation Y"

"Women's Health: Then and Now" 

Jewish Women International
Q & A with Judy Norsigian
"Empowering Women to Take Care of Their Health"

The Lincoln Journal Star
"'Our Bodies, Our Selves' continues to strike a cord with women"

The Journal Gazette
September 24, 2005
"Pioneering 'Our Bodies' Turns 35"

The Detroit News, Life/Style Section
September 22, 2005
"Women's Health Book Marks its 35th Anniversary"

The Cincinnati Enquirer
September 18, 2005
"'Our Bodies' still asking, answering tough questions"

New York Times Book Review, Letters to the Editor
Aug 14, 2005
A response to the 7/31/05 NY Times essay from the Our Bodies, Ourselves editorial team.

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 4, 2005
“New ‘Our Bodies’ is Still Frank, but Less Feminist” 

New York Times Book Review
July 17, 2005
Essay:  "A Feminist Classic Gets a Makeover"

Intersex Society of North America
July 1, 2005
Alice Dreger's Blog: "'Our Bodies, Ourselves' Includes Intersex"

Nylon Magazine
June/July 2005
"Our Bodies, Ourselves"

The Advocate
June 21, 2005
Mission Remains the Same: ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ Still Seeks to Empower Women”

Massachusetts General Hospital Newsletter
June 17, 2005
"Taking Care of Ourselves"

The Dallas Morning News
June 14, 2005
"'Our Bodies' at Middle Age"

Connecticut Post
June 5, 2005
"Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Book: Revolutionary Women's Health Book is Updated"

Boston Sunday Globe
June 5, 2005
Editor's Pick

Boston Medical Center Newsletter
June 2005
"Latest Edition"

Women's Business Boston
June 2005
"Thirty-Five Years Later: 'Our Bodies, Ourselves' Still Fills Gap" Q & A with Judy Norsigian

Emma's Journal
June 2005
"New Edition of 'Our Bodies, Ourselves'"

Boston Herald
May 30, 2005
"35 Years Later, still 'Our Bodies'"

Canadian Globe and Mail
May 28, 2005
"The Mother of All Women's Health Guides"

Publishers Weekly
May 25, 2005
Twelve Mighty Women: A Revolutionary Guide to Women's Health Care Inspired Today's Health Care Writers

Shepherd Express Online
May 25, 2005
"Whose Body is it?"

Scripps Howard News Service
May 25, 2005
"'Our Bodies, Ourselves:' A Trusted Friend Turns 35"

O Magazine
May 2005
Our Bodies, Ourselves is featured as part of the “5 Best New Health Books.”

Z Magazine
May 2005 issue

Santa Cruz Sentinel
May 16, 2005
"'Our Bodies, Ourselves' Re-Released for New Generation" 

The Boston Phoenix
May 13, 2005
"By the Book"

May 12, 2005
"Learning Curves: How Our Bodies, Ourselves Used Dirty Line Drawings to Turn Us into Feminists" 

Los Angeles Times
May 9, 2005
"'Our Bodies' 35 Years Later"

Wisconsin State Journal
May 4, 2005
"'Health-care Bible' for Women gets an Update"

May 4, 2005
"Looking at ‘Ourselves,’ 35 Years Later”

Seattle Times
May 4, 2005
"New Edition of 'Our Bodies, Ourselves' Updates Groundbreaking Feminist Book"
(free registration is required to view this article)

San Antonio Express-News
May 2, 2005
"'Our Bodies' Dispels the Myths"

Boston Sunday Globe
May 1, 2005
"A '70s Bible And Its Ongoing Evolution" and "Between the Lines" Q&A with Judy Norsigian

Ms. Magazine
Spring 2005 issue/book review

San Jose Mercury News
April 26, 2005
"Updated Classic"

Chicago Sun-Times
April 20, 2005
"The Body Politic: Updated Tome on Female Sexuality a Great Mother-Daughter Gift" 

Library Journal
April 15, 2005
 "...coverage of each [topic] is exceedingly readable, strikingly comprehensive, and thoroughly documented."

National Women's Studies Association Journal
Spring 2005
Reports on the 2005 edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves; brief summaries are available online.

Publishers Weekly
March 28, 2005  
"More than a book, OBOS is a health movement and deserves a place on every woman's bookshelf."

West Coast Woman
February 2005 "Books" Section

Glamour Magazine
January 2005 "Health Bulletin"

Video, television and radio:

The Conversation on NPR
May 16, 2005
Judy Norsigian speaks on the new edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves and the state of the women's health movement. 

GenderTalk Radio
April 23, 2005
Discussion with OBOS managing editor Heather Stephenson and contributor Elizabeth Lindsey. Listen to the show.






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