Nancy Miriam Hawley

Miriam HawleyNancy Miriam Hawley, a founding member of Our Bodies Ourselves, has a contagious and inspiring commitment to living life fully.

A lifetime activist, author and business coach, she led the first workshop at Emmanuel College in May 1969 that initiated the work that became “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

As CEO of Enlignment, Inc., she partnered with her husband to publish “You and Your Partner, Inc: Entrepreneurial Couples Succeeding in Business, Life and Love” (2012).

She has the privilege of coaching global women leaders in both the profit and social profit sectors.

Miriam is the mother of three grown children and grandmother of four.

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  1. Delores McClain says:

    Ms. Nancy Miriam Hawley is it at all possible I can send you an email of why I am presenting starting a advocacy for women like myself. I would like to ask you or any or the original organizers and writers a few questions in regard to my book also. I was misdiagnoised with a condition that is primarily for men that left me self catherizing but something positive happen in my research and now I will be helping others myself.