OBOS House Party

Are you interested in supporting the work of OBOS? Do you like to host parties? Then throw a house party!

But wait, what’s a house party?

A house party is simply that — a party. A host (or hosts) invites her friends to her home with the purpose of educating them about the work of OBOS. The house party sets up a cordial atmosphere where people can learn about the work we do, ask questions, get some personal attention, and contribute to the organization.

The basic steps to each party are:

  1. Deciding to host
  2. Preparing a guest list
  3. Inviting attendees
  4. Planning the evening, particularly the pitch
  5. Follow up and thank

I’d like to host a party. What are the next steps?

First, email Anne Miller Sweeney at anne@bwhbc.org and let us know you’re planning a house party.

Once you’ve set your house party date, we’ll send Our Bodies Ourselves materials for you and your guests.

What if I have questions?

Simply email Anne Miller Sweeney at anne@bwhbc.org or give us a call at 617-245-0200 x10. We’ll do our best to address any questions or concerns you might have.

Thank you for your support!