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Albania: Gender Alliance for Development Center


Project Update

Gender Alliance for Development Center published an Albanian adaptation of Our Bodies, Ourselves in 2006. Since publication, our partner has distributed 1,000 copies of their resource and used it in nationwide outreach on gender equality and empowerment.

Here is a great example of their impact.  

In 2003-2004, along with Plan-Albania, our partner trained roughly 1,800 students (7th-8th grade and high school) on gender and reproductive health. Trainings covered districts across the country - including Hysgjokaj, Ballagat, Gjuzaj, Gërmenj–Divjakë and Tunjë-Gramsh - and were followed by additional workshops for secondary and high school students in districts like Librazhd, Berat, Shilbater, Trepsenisht, Kaçivel, Shënavlash and Elbasan.

These sessions were a resounding success. They helped increase awareness on reproductive and sexual health issues relevant to young girls and boys. They also helped participants develop skills to cope with stressors specific to their age group, including relationships with peers and family.  

If you would like more information about this project and explore ways you might get involved, please contact the OBOS Global Initiative staff.


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Find out more about the health status of women and girls in Albania. (Overview by our partner) 

Meet Our Partner

Gender Alliance for Development Center was established in 1995. The organization advances gender equality through advocacy, lobbying and training, and works in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on reviewing related laws and policies.

Since 1995, the organization has successfully implemented more than 50 projects that focus on gender mainstreaming, EU integration, economic empowerment, governance, gender budgeting, violence against women, education/training and the media. They routinely collaborate with agencies such as UNIFEM, UNICEF, UNDP, the European Commission, the US Embassy to Albania, OSCE and Universities of Tirana and Shkodër; and boast a large professional and student network of volunteers. They also maintain a public library of more than 2000 volumes on gender in psychology, sociology, political science and social work. One of its kind in Albania! 

The team says it best: “Our work brings real benefits to the people we work with and to society as a whole…it empowers women and brings about positive change in society….”

For more information about Gender Alliance for Development Center, please contact either the OBOS Global Initiative or the organization directly.    

Contact Person: Mirela Arqimandriti / Eranda Ndregjoni
Address: Rr.Abdyl Frasheri, P.10/1, shk.1, ap.3, Tirana, Albania
Email: mirela@gadc-al.org  
Phone: +355-4-2-25-55-14
Fax: +355-4-2-25-55-15
Website: www.gadc-al.org


Looking for a Copy?

If you would like copies of the Albanian adaptation, please contact the Gender Alliance for Development Center at mirela@gadc-al.org.

The OBOS Global Initiative also has a limited number of books in stock. Please contact program staff if you live in the US and would like a copy.

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