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Russia: Women's Health in St. Petersburg


Project Update

Women’s Health in St. Petersburg published an electronic Russian adaptation, entitled Ourselves and Our Body, in 2007. Please visit http://www.womenhealth-spb.org/book/predisl_usa.php to read the book in full.

This resource features culturally appropriate graphics and content on laws, annotations from health experts, health information and diagnostic/treatment procedures used in the Russian health system; and from the outset, it has been integrated into a wide-scale publicity campaign and outreach strategy that encompasses health literacy, professional development and advocacy on women’s health and rights.

Our partner also developed an information booklet as part of their promotion effort and reached more than 1000 key NGOS, social workers, policy makers and media representatives through distribution of promotional materials and nationwide workshops and meetings. This includes the Youth Clinics Association in St Petersburg, which comprises physicians, psychologists and representatives from the media industry, and women decisions makers from the Admiralteyski SPb district. 

They are also credited for helping organize the first Family Planning Center in Russia, training staff on reproductive choices, and establishing youth clinics in St Petersburg staffed by teachers and medical professionals that use the Russian adaptation as a primary resource. 

Beyond Russia, our partner continually collaborates with individuals and groups in the former USSR and countries such as Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. In the past, this has included: the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Southern Hospital of Stockholm; Stockholm Centre for Public Health; Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters; Multicultural Women’s Association; WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Health in the Baltic Region; National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health; and Family Federation of Finland.

If you would like more information about this project and explore ways you might get involved, please contact the OBOS Global Initiative staff.

Meet Our Partner

Women’s Health in St. Petersburg addresses women’s health and human rights issues through lobbying, advocacy and education. Founded in 1993, before the European Women’s health Forum Women’s Health Counts, the organization brings together varied experiences and expertise - including medical professionals, journalists, professors, municipal officers and lawyers - to: 

  • Promote social responsibility on women’s health, violence and human rights.
  • Advocate and expand inter-sector partnerships on women’s health, especially in relation to transmissible infections like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and Hepatitis C.
  • Develop ethical and women-centric standards for medical services and advocate for action on measures that ensure women have equal access to care.
  • Increase investment in reproductive health and awareness on violence against women. .

The organization reaches millions of grassroots women and girls, as well as medical and mental health professionals, policy and decision makers, NGO representatives, media personnel and social workers through meetings, radio, television and publication. You can read an article contributed by them to AIDS, Sex, Health. Published since 1991, this is the only AIDS periodical distributed in the countries of the former USSR. It is supported by UNAIDS, EUROWHO, and USAID and has received awards from UNICEF and the Russian Ministry of Health for AIDS prevention.

They are also credited for helping organize the first Family Planning Center in Russia, as well as training staff on reproductive choices and establishing youth clinics in St Petersburg staffed by teachers and medical professionals that use the Russian adaptation as a primary resource. 

Through it all, the organization has never received financial support from either city or federal governments, and worked in close partnership with local and national agencies such as the St Petersburg Medical Preventive Center, Women’s Parliament and the Union of Women.

For more information, please contact either the OBOS Global Initiative or the organization directly.

Contact Person: Lidia Simbirtseva
Address: Italianskay str. 25, 191011, St. Petersburg, Russia
Email: simb@peterstar.ru
Phone: 011-7-812-542-26-55
Website: www.womenhealth-spb.org/book/predisl_usa.php  

Looking for a Copy?

The Russian adaptation is published electronically and available, in full and free of cost, at www.womenhealth-spb.ru/book/.






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