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Excerpts from Changing Bodies, Changing Lives

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Changing Bodies
by Ruth Bell, Jane Pincus, and Wendy Sanford.

Changing Relationships
by Ruth Bell, with help from Elizabeth McGee and Monica Mizrahi.

Changing Sexuality
by Wendy Sanford and Tim Wernette, with help from Ruth Bell.

    Getting to Know Yourself as a Sexual Person
    Exploring Sex with Someone Else
    Exploring Sex with Someone of Your Same Sex

Emotional Health Care
by Bonnie Folick and Ruth Bell. Original chapter by Sally Bowie

Eating Disorders
by Breanna Farmer, Naomi Krupa, and Ruth Bell.

Substance Abuse
by Steve Smith, with help from Ruth Bell.

Living with Violence
by Ruth Bell and Tim Wernette, with help from Carolyn Myers and from the Center for Population and Family Health of Columbia University.Thanks to Leni Wildflower for her work on the original chapter, "Sex against Your Will."

Physical Health Care
by Ruth Bell

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
by Ruth Bell

Protecting Yourself: Safer Sex and Birth Control
by Tim Wernette and Ruth Bell.

So You Think You Might Be Pregnant
by Joanne Gates

Changing Things
by Carolyn Myers, with help from Ruth Bell.


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