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Clinic Discounts for OBOS Publications

Our books are available at a 70% discount rate to health clinics and other groups providing health counseling services.

Discount books can be ordered through our publisher, Simon & Schuster. To qualify, Simon & Schuster requires that the purchaser provide a statement, filed with a state or federal agency, indicating health services or health education as a primary purpose of the purchaser, and an IRS license number for tax exemption. Copies purchased through this discount cannot be offered for resale.

A minimum of 12 books must be ordered, and the purchaser must also pay for shipping and any applicable taxes. The current discounted cost for the books is as follows:

“Our Bodies, Ourselves”: $7.80 per copy
“Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth”: $4.80 per copy
“Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause”: $4.80 per copy

To place your order, contact Susan Twum-Baah, Simon & Schuster Special Sales, Sales Coordinator, at Susan.TwumBaah@simonandschuster.com or (212) 698.2105.

If you have any difficulties placing an order, please contact Anne Miller Sweeney, Our Bodies Ourselves at anne@bwhbc.org.






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