1998 Edition: Table of Contents & Contributors

Our Bodies, Ourselves for the New Century (1998)


1998 Update/Revision Committee: Paula Brown Doress-Worters, Linda King, Judith Lennett, Judy Norsigian, Wendy C. Sanford, and Jennifer Yanco

Senior Editor: Wendy C. Sanford

Coordinator and Junior Editor: Linda King

Graphics Team: Joan Ditzion, Linda King, Judith Lennett, and Sally Whelan

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Introduction: By Jane Pincus, with special thanks to Ruth Bell Alexander, Joan Ditzion, Vilunya Diskin, Paula Doress-Worters, Linda King, Elizabeth MacMahon-Hererra, Judy Luce, Judy Norsigian, Jamie Penney, Wendy C. Sanford, Norma Swenson, Sally Whelan, Jennifer Yanco, and Kiki Zeldes.

An Introduction to Online Women’s Health Resources: By Kiki Zeldes, with special thanks to Carol Sakala and Norma Meras Swenson.


Introduction: Wendy Sanford, with Nancy P. Hawley and Jane Pincus.

1. Body Image
By Demetria Iazzetto, Linda King and Jennifer Yanco, based on earlier work by Wendy Sanford, and the women of Boston Self-Help. With special thanks to Allison Abner, Debbie Levine, Marsha Saxton, Judith Stein, Becky Thompson, Linda Villarosa, Kiki Zeldes, and the 6th grade girls.

2. Food
By Maria Bettencourt and Christina Economos, based on earlier work by Esther Rome. With special thanks to Trisha Brown, Patricia Cooper, Marilyn Figueroa, Bonnie Gage, Deb Levine, Bonnie Liebman, Ruth Palumbo, Caterina Rocha, Judith Stein, and Margo N. Woods.

3. Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Mood-Altering Drugs
By Norma Finkelstein, Cheryl Kennedy, Janet Smeltz, and Caryn Kauffman, based on earlier work by Marian Sandmaier and Martha Wood. With special thanks to Amy Rubin, Archie Brodsky, Denise Bergman, Suzy Bird Gulliver, Deborah McLellan, Wendy Sanford, and Jennifer Yanco.

4. Women in Motion
By Suzanne Bremer, based on earlier work by Janet Jones. With special thanks to Maureen Ferrera and Cindy Higgins of Boston Self-Help, Lyn Jaffee of Melpomene Institute, Karen Kahn, Jennifer Yanco, and Wendy Zinn.

5. Holistic Health and Healing: Navigating Your Way to Better Health
By April Taylor, with Claire M. Cassidy (Acupuncture) and Ellen Fineberg (Homeopathy), based on earlier work by Pamela Berger and Nancy Miriam Hawley. With special thanks to Adriane Fugh-Berman.

6. Our Emotional Well-Being: Psychotherapy in Context
By Nancy Miriam Hawley, with special thanks to Cassandra Clay, Nancy and Lang Keyes, Jeffrey McIntyre, and Susan Yanow (box on “Depression: Choosing Medication”)

7. Environmental and Occupational Health
Environmental Health by Lin Nelson, based on earlier work by Patricia Logan. Occupational Health by Regina H. Kenen, based on earlier work by members of the Mass COSH Women’s Committee: Letitia Davis, Marian Marbury, Laura Punnett, Margaret Quinn, Cathy Schwartz and Susan Woskie. With special thanks to Dorothy Wigmore, Pat Hynes, Norma Grier, Carol Dansereau, Maureen Gorman, Elizabeth Gullette, Kristen Lacijan of NCAMP, Jacqueline Lapidus, Cheri Lucas-Jennings, Karen McDonell, Manju Oleru, Cydney Pullman, and the thousands of women throughout the U.S. fighting for environmental justice.

8. Violence Against Women
By Marianne Winders, based on earlier work by Dina Carbonell, Lois Glass, Suzanne Gosselin, Carol Mamber, Jill Stanzler, Alice Friedman, Margaret Lazarus, Lynn Rubinett, Lena Sorensen, Denise Wells, Nancy Wilbur, Terrie Antico and Wendy Sanford. With special thanks to Jackie Herskovitz, Judith Lennett, and Laura Tandara.


Introduction: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

By Wendy Sanford, with special thanks to Loraine Hutchins and Rebecca Rabinowitz.

9. Working Toward Mutuality: Our Relationships with Men
By Sara Burke with Denise Bergman, based on earlier work by Paula B. Doress-Worters and Peggy Nelson Wegman. With special thanks to Maria Baez, Donna Bright, Mayra Canetti, Leah Diskin, Cheryl Majeed, Charlotte Mayerson, Catherine Kohler Reissman, and Rose Wright.

10. Relationships with Women
By Emily Bender and Anoosh Jorjorian, with Peggy Lynch (Health) and Amelia Craig Cramer, Esq. (Legal). Based on earlier work by Barbara A. Burg, Loly Carrillo, Sasha Curran, J.W. Duncan, Buffy Dunker, Deanna Forist, D. Hamer, B.J. Louison, Judy Norris, Gwendolyn Parker, Mariana Romo-Carmona, Wendy Sanford, Lynn Scott, Ann Shepardson, and several women who must, with regret and anger, felt they must remain anonymous to protect jobs, family relations, living situations or parenthood. With special thanks to Loly Carillo, Hannah Doress, Karen Kahn, Connie Panzarino, Gilda Bruckman, Liza Rankow, and Judy Brewer.

11. Sexuality
By Lynn Rosenbaum and Wendy Sanford, with Jana Zwerner Jacobs, based on earlier work by Nancy Miriam Hawley and Elizabeth McGee. With special thanks to Gina Ogden, Linda King, Judy Brewer, Denise Bergman, Eithne Johnson, and Curdina Hill.


Introduction: Deciding Whether to Have Children
By Joan Ditzion, with special thanks to Merryl Pisha (Resources) and Denise Bergman

12. Understanding Our Bodies: Sexual Anatomy, Reproduction, and the Menstrual Cycle
By Esther Rome (1945-1995) and Nancy Reame, with Wendy Sanford. With special thanks to Abby Schwarz, Katherine Saldutti, Cindy Irvine, and Nancy Woods.

13. Birth Control
By Susan Bell and Lauren Wise, with Suzannah Cooper-Doyle and Judy Norsigian. With special thanks to Felice Apter, Charon Asetoyer, Sara Dickey, Anne Kelsey, Sophie Martin, Ava Moskin, Cindy Pearson, Linda Potter, Judith Richter, James Trussell, Kevin Whaley, and Susan Wood.

14. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
By Christie Burke with Sylvie Ratelle, based on earlier work by Mary Crowe and Judy Norsigian. With special thanks to Katherine M. Stone of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Catherine Liu of the American Social Health Association.

15. HIV, AIDS, and Women
By Michele Russell and Wendy Sanford, with Maria Jobin-Leeds, based off earlier work by Mary Ide. With special thanks to Mary Guinan, Wanda Allen, the Women of Color AIDS Council (especially Karen McManus, Malkia Kendricks, and Charlotte, Colleen, Jackie, Shirley and Yolani), Patricia O. Loftman, Peggy Lynch, Lucia Ortiz-Ortiz, Belynda Dunn, Anna Forbes, Sophie Godley, and Laura Whitehorn.

16. Unplanned Pregnancies: Finding Out You’re Pregnant and Deciding What to Do
By Catherine Harris-Vincent, with Jennifer Yanco and Linda King, based on earlier work by Jane Pincus and Jill Wolhandler. With special thanks to Denise Bergman, Paula Harris-Vincent, Joyce Maguire Pavao, Carolyn Rudin, Kay Schlozman, Dianne Weiss, and all those who contributed their knowledge, thoughts, and experience.

17. Abortion
By Marlene Gerber Fried, with Maureen Paul, based on earlier work by Jill Wolhandler and Trude Bennett, with Ruth Weber and Dana Gallagher. With special thanks to Centre de Sante des Femmes de Montreal, Carol Franzblau, Suzanne Hendrick, Martha Katz, Luita Spangler, and Laurie Williams.

18. Assisted Low-Tech and High-Tech Reproductive Technologies
By Ruth Hubbard and Ami Jaeger, with Jane Pincus and Wendy Sanford. With special thanks to Lori Andrews, Geri Ferber, Barbara Katz Rothman, and Nancy Reame.


By Jane Pincus and Judy Luce, with Audrey Levine, Robin J. Blatt, Linda Holmes, and Marsha Saxton. With special thanks to Carol Sakala, Denise Bergman, and Esther Entin.

19. Pregnancy
By Jane Pincus, with Norma Swenson and Bebe Poor. With special thanks to Jenny Fleming, Linda Holmes and Becky Sarah. This chapter in previous editions was written by Ruth Bell and Jane Pincus.

20. Childbirth
By Judy Luce and Jane Pincus, with Audrey Levine, based on earlier work by Jane Pincus, with Norma Swenson. With special thanks to Carol Sakala.

21. Postpartum
By Alice LoCicero and Deborah Issokson, based on earlier work by Dennie Wolf and Mary Crowe. With special thanks to Laurie Williams, Helen Armstrong, Jane Honikman, Gail Levy, Veronica Milesky, Carol Sakala, and Dianne Weiss.

22. Child-bearing Loss, Infertility, and Adoption
By Catherine Romeo (Child-bearing Loss) and Diane Clapp (Infertility), with Mary Howell Raugust and Denise Bergman (Adoption) and Jane Pincus, based on earlier work by Norma Swenson (Adoption). With special thanks to Joan Rachlin, Ester Shapiro, Resolve, Inc., Joyce Maguire Pavao and Corinne Rayburn of the Center for Family Connection, and Marcie Richardson.


23. Women Growing Older
By Paula Doress-Worters (formerly Paula Brown Doress) with Joan Ditzion. Based on earlier work by Paula Brown Doress, Norma Meras Swenson, Diana Laskin Siegal, Robin Cohen, Mickey Troub Friedman, Lois Harris, and Kathleen MacPherson. With special thanks to Denise Bergman, Janine O’Leary Cobb, Linda King, Susan M. Love, Cindy Pearson of the National Women’s Health Network, Jane Pincus, Lynn Rosenberg, Wendy Sanford, Stephanie Studentski, Diana Laskin Siegal, and Mary Yeaton.

24. Selected Medical Practices, Problems, and Procedures
By Carol Englander (Arthritis), Wendy Sanford, with Laurel Berger, Rebecca Rabinowitz, and Pamela Berger (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Beverly Richstone (Fibromyalgia), Barbara White (Scleroderma), Barbara Henry (Sjogren’s Syndrome), Barbara Horgan and Kathleen Quinlan (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus), Susan Troyan, Cathie Ragovin, Judi Hirshfield-Bartek, and Jan Platner (Benign Breast Problems), Carmen Tamayo, Susan Troyan, Cathie Ragovin, Judi Hirshfield-Bartek, Jan Platner, Adele Clarke, Selma Mirsky, Lisa Whiteside, Kath Doyle (Cancer), Wendy Sanford with Judy Spear (Chemical Injury and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), Margaret Lee Braun and Pat Cody, DES Action (DES), Joanne Palmisano, Ruth Thomasian (Diabetes), Mary Lou Ballweg, Endometriosis Association (Endometriosis), Nahid Toubia, RAINBO (Female Genital Mutilation), Sheryl Ruzek, with Paula Johnson and JoAnne Manson (Heart Disease, Heart Attack, Hypertension, Stroke, and Other Vascular Disorders), Vicki Ratner (Interstitial Cystitis), Esther Rome (Toxic Shock Syndrome), Mary Crowe (Urinary Track Infections), Carol Englender, Mitchell Levine (Uterus and Ovaries) with Adele Clarke (Cervical Intraepitbelial Neoplasia), Mary Crowe with Dorothy Reider (Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy) and Debi Milligan, with special thanks to the Centers for Disease Control (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease). Much of this chapter is based on earlier work by Mary Crowe, Meg Hickey, Judy Norsigian, Norma Meras Swenson, and Thorsos. Special thank to Mary Costanza, Martha Katz, Mitchell Levine, Cynthia Pearson, and Marcie Richardson. Chapter Coordinator: Judy Norsigian.

25. The Politics of Women’s Health and Medical Care
By Norma Swenson with Wendy Sanford and Judy Norsigian. “Our Rights as Patients” by George Annas. “Evidence-Based Medicine” by Carol Sakala. Based on earlier work by Hilary Salk, Norma Swenson, Judith Dickson Luce, and Wendy Sanford. With special thanks to Nancy Krieger, Anne Kasper, Ellen Shaffer, Steffie Wollhandler, Karen Kahn, Jacqueline Lapidus, Arnold Relman, Philip R. Lee, Roz Feldberg, Julie Friesen, Anne-Emmanuelle Birn, Nancy Worcester, and Marianne Whatley.

26. The Global Politics of Women and Health
By Nalini Visvanathan, based on earlier work by Vilunya Diskin. With special thanks to Gabriela Canepa, Marilen Danguilan, Betsy Hartmann, and Jennifer Yanco.

27. Organizing for Change: U.S.A.
By Eugenia Acun, with Judy Norsigian and Jane Pincus. With special thanks to Caty Laignel, Meizhu Lui, Suzanne Nam, and the thousands of women organizing around the country for social justice in health care.