Table of Contents & Contributors to the 2011 edition of "Our Bodies, Ourselves"

Cover of the 2011 edition of "Our Bodies, Ourselves"The Editorial Team

Senior Editor: Kiki Zeldes
Managing Editor: Christine Cupaiuolo
Contributing Editors: Judy Norsigian, Amy Romano, Wendy Sanford
OBOS Global Initiative Coordinating Editor: Ayesha Chatterjee
Editorial Assistant: June Tsang
Additional Editors: Jackie Lapidus, Heather Stephenson
Book Interns: Natalie Chapman, Raquel Rios, Meg Young

Table of Contents and Contributors

1. Our Female Bodies: Sexual Anatomy, Reproduction, and the Menstrual Cycle
Revised by Marjorie Greenfield. Additional contributors: Chris Bobel, Hilary Gerber, Christine Hitchcock, Sheryl Kingsberg, Esther M. Leidolf, Marianne McPherson, Cathleen E. Morrow, Elizabeth Naumberg, Evelina Sterling, Trudy Van Houton, Toni Weschler, Meg Young.

Special thanks to: Jen Chapin-Smith, Joan Chrisler, and OBOS partners Women and Their Bodies (Israel) and Shokado Women’s Bookstore (Japan).

Contributors to earlier editions: Marianne McPherson, Toni Weschler, Monica Casper, Cheryl Chase, Alice Dreger, Esther M. Leidolf, Chris Bobel, Esther Rome, Nancy Reame, Wendy Sanford, Abby Schwartz, Katherine Saldutti, Cindy Irvine, Nancy Woods, Leah Diskin, Nancy Miriam Hawley, Barbara Perkins, Roni Randall.

2. Intro to Sexual Health
Contributors:  Heather Corinna, Marjorie Greenfield, Martha Ellen Katz, Evelina Sterling, Marcie Richardson, Elizabeth Stewart.

Special thanks to: Brittany Charlton, Karen Wolf, OBOS partner Mavi Kalem, Turkey.

3. Body Image
Revised by Jocelyn Sims. Additional contributors: Hanne Blank, Anita Hoffer, Jin In, Lisa Jervis, Jean Kilbourne, Courtney Martin, Nancy Redd, Rose Weitz, Courtney Young, Diana Zuckerman.

Special thanks to: Bridgit Brown, OBOS partner Groupe de Recherche sur les Femmes et les Lois au Senegal (GREFELS), Senegal.

Contributors to earlier editions: Sarai Walker, Lori Tharps, Demetria Iazzetto, Linda King, Jennifer Yanco, Allison Abner, Deborah Levine, Marsha Sexton, Judith Stein, Becky Thompson, Linda Villarosa, Kiki Zeldes, Wendy Sanford, the women of Boston Self Help Center, Frances Deloatch, Mary Fitzgerald, Jean Gillespie, Nancy Miriam Hawley, Janna Zwerner, Joan Lastovica, Oce, Rosemarie Ouilette, Jane Pincus, Esther Rome, Jill Wolhandler.

4. Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
Revised by Wendy Sanford. Additional contributors: Rose Afriyic, Petra Doan, Cait Glasson, Ted Heck, Esther M. Leidolf, Elizabeth Sarah Lindsey, Irene Monroe, Su Penn, Norman P. Spack, Judy Anne Williams, Louis Gooren.

Special thanks to: Saber DeMare, Laura Edwards- Leeper, Gina Ogden, Devin Reynolds.

Contributors to earlier editions: Elizabeth Sarah Lindsey, Wendy Sanford, Loraine Hutchins, Rebecca Rabinowitz.

5. Relationships
With enormous thanks to the thirty-seven women who shared their stories.

6. Social Influences on Sexuality

7. Sexual Pleasure and Enthusiastic Consent

8. Sexual Challenges
Contributors: Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur, Rose Afriyie, Hanne Blank, Bella DePaulo, Stacey May Fowles, Jaclyn Friedman, Anita P. Hoffer, Cara Kulwicki, Elizabeth Sarah Lindsey, Gina Ogden, Jenni Prokopy, Tara Roberts, Kimberly Springer, Evelina Sterling, Beverly Whipple, Janna Zwerner (sexuality and disability).

Special thanks to: Melanie Davis; Janice Irvine; Rebecca G. Stephenson, PT, DPT, MS, coordinator of Women’s Health Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Services, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Leonore Tiefer.

Contributors to earlier editions: Lynn Rosenbaum, Janna Zwerner, Wendy Sanford, Nancy Miriam Hawley, Elizabeth McGee, Gina Ogden, Linda King, Judy Brewer, Denise Bergman, Eithne Johnson, Curdina Hill, Amy Alpern, Diana Chase, Francis Deloatch, Paula Doress- Worters, Bonnie Engelhardt, Mary Fitzgerald, Jean Gillespie, Ginger Goldner, Shere Hite, Janice Irvine, Nancy London, Jenny Mansbridge, Oce, Rosemarie Ouilette, Jane Pincus, Brenda Reeb, Marsha Saxton, Jean Lastovica.

9. Birth Control
Revised by Kirsten Thompson. Additional contributors: Kelly Blanchard, Heather Corinna, Marjorie Greenfield, Mary Ann Leeper, Lisa Perriera, Robin Wallace, Toni Weschler, Carolyn Westhoff, Susan Wysocki.

Special thanks to: Kate Curtis, Cynthia C. Harper, Polly Marchbanks, Michael Policar, Jill Schwartz, Naomi Tepper

Contributors to earlier editions: August Burns, Michelle Martelle, Maura Graff, Melanie Steeves, Emma Ottolenghi, Elaine Lissner, Kirsten Thompson, David Sokal, Toni Weschler, Susan Bell, Lauren Wise, Suzannah Cooper-Doyle, Judy Norsigian, Felice Apter, Charon Asetoyer, Sara Dickey, Anne Kelsey, Sophie Martin, Ava Moskin, Cindy Pearson, Linda Potter, Judith Richter, James Trussell, Kevin Whaley, Susan Wood, Ruth Bell, Pamela Berger, Jennifer S. Edwards, Charlotte Ellertson, Philip Hart, Nancy Miriam Hawley, Rachel Lanzerotti, Ken Legins, Pamela Morgan, Barbara Perkins, Susan Reverby, Wendy Sanford, Abby Schwarz, Felicia Stewart, Alice Steinhardt, James Trussell, Beverly Winikoff.

10. Safer Sex
Contributors: Susan Blank, Heather Corinna, Janet Dollin, Anna Forbes, Yvonne Piper, Gary Richwald, Laura Subramanian, Cosette Wheeler, Fred Wyand.

Special thanks to: Tonji Durant, Mary Ann Leeper (female condom), Ben Remsen of the AIDS Library of Philadelphia, Jill Schwartz.

Contributors to earlier editions: Laura Subramanian, Christie Burke, Amelia Glynn Hornick, Jennifer Block, Christie Burke, Sylvie Ratelle, Mary Crowe, Judy Norsigian, Katherine M. Stone of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Catherine Liu of the American Social Health Association, Esther Rome, Fran Ansley, Hilde Armour, William McCormick, Michelle Topal, Pam White, Paul Wiesner, Michele Russell, Wendy Sanford, Maria Jobin-Leeds, Mary Ide, Wanda Allen, the Women of Color AIDS Council (especially Karen McManus, Malkia Kendricks, and Charlotte, Colleen, Jackie, Shirley, and Yohani), Patricia O. Loftman, Peggy Lynch, Lucia Ortiz-Ortiz, Belynda Dunn, Anna Forbes, Sophie Godley, Mary Guinan, Laura Whitehorn, Amy Alpern, Marion Banzhaf, Laurie Cotter of ACT UP New York, Deborah Cotton, Risa Denenberg, Liz Galst, Jenny Keller, Vicky Legion, the Chicago Women’s AIDS Project, Patricia O. Loftman, Janet L. Mitchell, Jamie Penney, Lindsey Rosen, Susan Rosenberg.

11. Sexually Transmitted Infections
Revised by Susan Blank and Gary Richwald. Additional contributors: Susan Clark Ball, Anna Forbes, Cynthia Gmez, Yvonne Piper, Rachel Walden, Cosette Wheeler, Fred Wyand.

Special thanks to: Tonji Durant, Esther Fine, Kimberley Warsett, Laura Whitehorn.

Contributors to earlier editions: Christie Burke, Sylvie Ratelle, Mary Crowe, Judy Norsigian, Katherine M. Stone of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Catherine Liu of the American Social Health Association, Esther Rome, Fran Ansley, Hilde Armour, William McCormick, Michelle Topal, Pam White, Paul Wiesner.

12. Unexpected Pregnancy
Contributors: Alison Amoroso, Zobeida Bonilla, Meg Young. Contributors to earlier editions: Judith Winkler, Alison Amoroso, Catherine Harris-Vincent, Jennifer Yanco, Linda King, Jane Pincus, Jill Wolhandler, Denise Bergman, Paula Harris-Vincent, Joyce Maguire Pavao, Carolyn Rudin, Kay Schlozman, Dianne Weiss.

13. Abortion
Contributors: Kelly Blanchard, Marlene Fried, Deborah Issokson, Carole Joffe, Laura Kaplan, Martha Katz, Sylvia Law, Lisa Perriera, Lauren Plante, Kirsten Thompson, Tracy Weitz, Beverly Winikoff, Susan Yanow.

Special thanks to: Dan Grossman, Erin Kate Ryan, Ellen Shaffer.

Contributors to earlier editions: Marlene Gerber Fried, Maureen Paul, Laureen Tews, Jill Wolhandler, Trude Bennett, Ruth Weber, Dana Gallagher, Centre de Santé des Femmes de Montréal, Carol Franzblau, Suzanne Hendrick, Luita Spangler, Laurie Williams, Vickie Alexander, Diane Balser, Pamela Berger, Sarah Buttenweiser, Helen Caulton, Concord Feminist Health Center, Terry Courtney, Debra Drassner, Carol Driscoll, Margie Fine, Marlene Gerber Fried, Linda Gordon, Nancy Miriam Hawley, Liz Hill, Debra Krassner, Elizabeth McGee, Judy Norsigian, Ana Ortiz, Jane Pincus, Stephanie Poggi, Loretta Ross, Wendy Sanford, Kira Sarpard, Meredith Tax, Susan Yanow.

14. Considering Parenting
Contributors: Alison Amoroso, Veronica Arreola, Onye Kachukwu C. Iloabachie Anaedozie, Jocelyn Sims, Sally Whelan.

Contributors to earlier editions: Merle Bombardieri, Meredith W. Michaels, Rachel Gaillard Smook, Merryl Pisha, Joan Ditzion, Mary Howell Raugust, Denise Bergman, Norma Swenson, Joan Rachlin, Joyce Maguire Pavao, Corinne Rayburn of the Center for Family Connections.

15. Pregnancy and Planning for Birth
Contributors: Jill Arnold, Zobeida Bonilla, Elizabeth Davis, Marjorie Greenfield, Katharine Hikel, Tekoa King, Christine Morton, De Nobleza, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Miriam Zoila Pérez, Lauren Plante, Carol Sakala, Pamela Vireday, Claire Winstone.

Special thanks to: Henci Goer.

Contributors to earlier editions: Tekoa King, Maria Iorillo, Judith Bishop, Lisa Paine, Carol Sakala, Jane Pincus, Judy Luce, Audrey Levine, Robin J. Blatt, Linda Holmes, Marsha Saxton, Carol Sakala, Denise Bergman, Esther Entin, Ruth Bell, Robin Blatt, Jenny Fleming, Linda Holmes, Judy Luce, Mary (Bebe) Poor, Judi Rogers, Becky Sarah, Norma Swenson.

16. Labor and Birth
Contributors: Elizabeth Allemann, Jill Arnold, Zobeida Bonilla, Robyn Churchill, Elizabeth Davis, Henci Goer, Marjorie Greenfield, Katharine Hikel, Tekoa King, Christine Morton, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Miriam Zoila Pérez, Lauren Plante, Carol Sakala, Pamela Vireday, Claire Winstone, Diony Young.

Special thanks to: Henci Goer.

Contributors to earlier editions: Tekoa King, Maria Iorillo, Judy Luce, Jane Pincus, Judith Bishop, Carol Sakala, Audrey Levine, Norma Swenson, Ruth Bell, Jenny Fleming, Nancy Miriam Hawley, Linda Holmes, Becky Sarah, Gail Sullivan.

17. The Early Months of Parenting
Contributors: Barbara Fildes, Alan Greene, Deborah Issokson, Alice LoCicero, Claire Mysko, Amie Newman, Beth Pimentel, Elizabeth Steiner, Annie Urban, Claire Winstone.

Contributors to earlier editions: Deborah Issokson, Alice LoCicero, Anne Merewood, Barbara L. Philipp, Tekoa King, Dennie Wolf, Mary Crowe, Laurie Williams, Helen Armstrong, Jane Honikman, Gail Levy, Veronica Miletsky, Carol Sakala, Dianne Weiss, Paula Doress- Worters, Esther Rome, Vilunya Diskin, Marty Reudi, Robbie Pfeufer Kahn.

18. Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Other Losses
Contributors: Jen Dozer, Ruth Fretts, Arielle Greenberg, Linda Layne, Chukwuma Onyeije, Lauren Plante.

Contributors to earlier editions: Linda L. Layne, Wendy Garling, Catherine Romeo, Jane Pincus, Ellen Glazer.

19. Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Revised by Evelina Sterling and Miriam Zoll. Additional contributors: Juaquita Callaway, Barbara Collura, Jen Dozer, Deborah Issokson, Maurizio Macaluso, Shree Mulay, Jeane Ungerleider.

Special thanks to: Tonji Durant and OBOS partner Women’s Health Initiative in Bulgaria. Contributors to earlier editions: Nancy King Reame, Rachel Gaillard Smook, Diane Clapp, Ruth Hubbard, Ami Jaeger, Wendy Sanford, Gena Corea, Ellen Glazer, Barbara Eck Menning, Marcie Richardson, Ester Shapiro, Lori Andrews, Geri Ferber, Nancy Reame, Barbara Katz Rothman, RESOLVE, Inc.

20. Perimenopause and Menopause
Revised by: Joan Ditzion and Marcie Richardson. Additional contributors: Ellen Bruce, Elaine Lissner, Jerilynn Prior, Evelina Sterling.

Special thanks to: Nancy Miller, Margaret Moloney, William (Bill) Parker, and the following OBOS partners: Sanlaap (India), Manavi (USA), Women for Empowerment, Development, and Gender Reform (Nigeria).

Contributors to earlier editions: Joan Ditzion, Nancy Fleming, Amy Alina, Diana Siegal, Lisa Begg, Loretta Finnegan, Jaqueline Lapidus, Paula Doress-Worters (formerly Paula Brown Doress), Norma Meras Swenson, Diana Laskin Siegal, Robin Cohen, Mickey Troub Friedman, Lois Harris, Kathleen MacPherson, Denise Bergman, Janine OLeary Cobb, Linda King, Susan M. Love, Cindy Pearson of the National Women’s Health Network, Jane Pincus, Lynn Rosenberg, Wendy Sanford, Stephanie Studentski, Mary Yeaton, Louise Corbett, Tish Anisimov, Lorraine Doherty, Ruth Hubbard, Audrey Michaud, Pamela Berger, Irene Davidson, Meg Hickey, Judy Norsigian, Josephine Polk-Matthews, Ruth Hubbard, Edith Fletcher, Barbara Krentzman, Lucile Longview Schuck, Anna Schenke, Anne Smith, Marian Saunders.

21. Our Later Years
Revised by Joan Ditzion. Additional contributors: Ellen Bruce, Leilani Doty, Margaret Morganroth Gullette, Jessica Haxton Retrum, Anita P. Hoffer, Jackie Lapidus, Alyson Martin, Ruth Palombo, Nushin Rashidian, Wendy Sanford.

Special thanks to: Kacey Bongarzone, Alice Fisher, Sadia Greenburg, Marjorie Harvey, Joanne LaPlante, Ginny Mazur, Charlotte Millman, Sarah Pearlman, Cynthia Phillips, Elaine Shapiro, Sarah Whitby, MSW, SHINE Program director.

Contributors to earlier editions: Joan Ditzion, Diana Siegal, Leilani Doty, Jacqueline Lapidus; see also list of contributors to earlier editions under Chapter 20, Perimenopause and Menopause.

22. Selected Medical Problems
Revised by Marcie Richardson. Additional contributors: Paula Amato (PCOS), Mary Lou Ballweg (endometriosis), Kari Christianson (DES), Pat Cody (DES), Mary Costanza (breast cancer), Carol Drury (endometriosis), Judi Hirschfield-Bartek (breast cancer), Fran Howell (DES), Mitch Levine, William Parker, Elizabeth Steiner (breast cancer), Elizabeth Stewart (vulva), Kay Zakariasen (PBS/IC).

Special thanks to: Michelle Berlin, Mary Fillmore, Louise Gessel, Bonnie Hill, Elizabeth Kavaler, Kath Mazella, Diana Petitti, Gary Richwald, Gordon Schiff.

Contributors to earlier editions: Julia Brody, Barbara Brenner, Susan Troyan, Mary Lou Ballweg, Monica Casper, Adele E. Clarke, Martha Ellen Katz, Mitch Levine, Marcie Richardson, Kristina Graff, RAINBO, Marianne McPherson, Jaqueline Lapidus, Judy Norsigian, Susan Troyan, Cathie Ragovin, Judi Hirshfield-Bartek, Carmen Tamayo, Anne Kahn, Mimi Secor, Selma Mirsky, Lisa Whiteside, Kath Doyle, Nahid Toubia, Carol Englender, Endometriosis Association, Mary Crowe, Margaret Lee Braun, Pat Cody (DES Action), Dorothy Reider, Esther Rome, Debi Milligan, Women’s Dignity Project.

23. Navigating the Health Care System
Contributors: John Abramson, Lisa Codispoti, Dave deBronkart, Barbara Fildes, Catherine Finn, Susan Sered, Gordon Schiff, Trisha Torrey, Rachel Walden, Karen Anne Wolf.

Special thanks to: Lois Aherns, Shannon Berning, Bridgette Courtot, Danielle Garret, Ellen Miller-Mack, Suede.

Contributors to earlier editions: Judy Ann Bigby, Susan Sered, George Annas, Shannon Berning, Laurie Rosenblum, Kiki Zeldes, Norma Meras Swenson, Wendy Sanford, Judy Norsigian.

24. Violence Against Women
Contributors: Heather Corinna, Cara Kulwicki, Margaret Lazarus, Judith Lennett, Craig Norberg-Bohm (sidebar on White Ribbon movement), Leslye Orloff, Miriam Zoila Pérez, Holly Ramsey-Klawsnik.

Special thanks to: Rev. Irene Monroe and OBOS partner Women’s Health Promotion Center, Serbia.

Contributors to earlier editions: Margaret Lazarus, Laurie Rosenblum, Renner Wunderlich, Diane Rosenfield, Stacey Kabat, Marianne Winters, Dina Carbonell, Lois Glass, Suzanne Gosselin, Carol Mamber, Jill Stanzler, Alice Friedman, Lynn Rubinett, Lena Sorensen, Denise Wells, Nancy Wilbur, Terrie Antico, Wendy Sanford, Jackie Herskovitz, Judith Lennett, Laura Tandara, Gene Bishop, Andrea Fischgrund, Roxanne Hynek, Janet Jones, Freada Klein, Rachel Lanzerotti, Carol McEldowney, Judy Norsigian.

25. Environmental and Occupational Health
Revised by Mara Kardas-Nelson and Lin Nelson. Additional contributors: Katsi Cook, Carol Dansereau, Elise Miller, Loretta Ross, Marc Weisskopf.

Special thanks to: Namasha Schelling and OBOS partner Tanzania Home Economics Association.

Contributors to earlier editions: Lin Nelson, Barbara Sattler, Jaqueline Lapidus, Patricia Logan, Regina H. Kenen, MassCOSH Women’s Committee: Letitia Davis, Marian Marbury, Laura Punnett, Margaret Quinn, Cathy Schwartz, Susan Woskie, Carol Dansereau, Maureen Gorman, Norma Grier, Elizabeth Gullette, Pat Hynes, Kristin Lacijan of NCAMP, Cheri Lucas-Jennings, Karen McDonell, Manju Mehta, Vernice Miller, Cydney Pullman, Dorothy Wigmore, Susan OBrien, Ngazi Oleru, Judy Norsigian, the Shalan Foundation, Joan Bertin, Katsi Cook, Maureen Paul.

26. The Politics of Women’s Health
Revised by Ellen Shaffer, with Rebecca Firestone and Karin Ringheim (global). Additional contributors: Susan Ball, Zobeida Bonilla, Lisa Codispoti, Marcy Darnovsky, Kezia Ellison, Anna Forbes, Polly F. Harrison, Jodi L. Jacobson, Susan Roll, Susan Sered, Susan F. Wood, Susan Yanow, Diana Zuckerman.

Special thanks to: Melissa Gilliam, Arden Handler, Mary Ann Leeper; OBOS collaborators on Nuestros Cuerpos, Nuestas Vidas in North, Central, and South America; OBOS partners Sanlaap (India) and Manavi (USA); Women for Empowerment, Development, and Gender Reform (Nigeria); Network of East-West WomenPolska (Poland).

Contributors to earlier editions: Ellen Shaffer, Gail Price-Wise, Marcy Darnovsky, Elizabeth J. Rourke, Sondra Crosby, Michael Grodin, Sharon Batt, Cindy Young, Christine Cupaiuolo, Norma Meras Swenson, Wendy Sanford, Judy Norsigian, Carol Sakala, Nalini Visvanathan, Vilunya Diskin, Hilary Salk, Judith Dickson Luce, Nancy Krieger, Anne Kasper, Steffi Woolhandler, Karen Kahn, Jacqueline Lapidus, Arnold Relman, Philip R. Lee, Roz Feldberg, Julie Friesen, Anne-Emmanuelle Birn, Nancy Worcester, Mariamne Whatley, Gabriela Canepa, Marilen Danguilan, Betsy Hartmann, Jennifer Yanco, Anita Anand, Asoka Bandarage, Elizabeth Coit, Jane Cottingham, H. Patricia Hynes, Marilee Karl, Una MacLean, Annie Street, Amy Alpern, David Banta, Gene Bishop, Robin Blatt, Lucy Candib, David Clarke, Mary Fillmore, Mary Howell, Sherry Leibowitz, Barbara Perkins, Joan Rachlin, Sheryl Ruzek, Kathy Simmonds, Mary Stern, Nancy Todd, Karen Wolf.

27. Activism in the Twenty-First Century
Revised by Heidi Moore. Additional contributors: Steph Herold, Hope Lewis, Susan Roll, Loretta Ross, Rachel Walden, Jamia Wilson, Deanna Zandt.

Special thanks to: OBOS partner Women’s Rehabilitation Center, Nepal.

Contributors to earlier editions: Susan Roll, Victoria Passarella, Ellen Miller-Mack, Laurie Rosenblum, Eugenia Acuna, Judy Norsigian, Jane Pincus, Caty Laignel, Meizhu Lui, Suzanne Nam, Norma Meras Swenson, Rachel Lanzerotti.

General Thanks: Regina A., Onyeka Anaedozie, Polly Attwood, Natasha Beck, Barbara A. Beltrand CPA, Kali Blaze, Lucia Brea, Erin Callahan, Megan Carlson, Jen and Lexi Chapin- Smith, Caitlin Childs, Anna Cook, Juanita Crider, Nina J. Davidson, Jessica Devancy, Katie Emmet, Jasmine Galereave, Susan Galereave, Molly M. Ginty, Beth Grampetro, Consuela Green, Bernie Heldkamp, Amanda Huminski, Sarah Jackson, Jennifer Getting Jameslyn, Rebecca Kling, Carolyn Lejuste, Mags M., Ulises Martinez and the crew at Filter (Chicago), Mary Maxfield, Charlotte Mayerson, Hunter McCorkel, Alicia Merchant, Efia Miles, Nancy Miller, Jennifer Moon, Laurel OGorman, Lola Pellegrino, Cathryn Platine, Barbara Ray, S. E. Smith, Tasha Spencer, Jaime Taylor, Cierra Townsend, San Maday Travis, Sadie- Ryanne Vashti, Tara Vega, Jesse Zeldes.

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Our Bodies Ourselves staff: Wendy Brovold, Anne Miller Sweeney, Sally Whelan, Nekose Wills.

OBOS interns and volunteers: Meredith Burns, Sarah Burton, Natalie Chapman, Morgan Clark, Katherine Clavelle, Julie Eisen, Reed Ellis, Beth Katz, Sari Krumholz, Shannon OMalley, Raquel Rios.

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