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Chapter 1: Understanding Our Menopause Experiences
By Josephine Etowa, Barbara Keddy, Janice Acton, Vicki Meyer (medicalization and the role of hormones), and Margaret Lock (“Is Menopause the Same around the Globe?”). Thanks for help to Zobeido Bonilla, Joan Ditzion, Paula Doress-Worters, Anna Freixas, Malkah Notman, Edith Silvas, and Susan Sered.

Chapter 2: Making Health Care Decisions
By Judith Costlow and Mara Taub, with Susan Sered; John Abramson and Barbara Seaman (“Can We Trust the Evidence in Evidence-Based Medicine?”); Katy Backes Kozhimannil and Marianne McPherson (“Understanding Research Results”); and Susan Green Cooksey (“Group Visits”). Thanks for help to Karen Carlson, Kay Dickersin, and Elaine Rosenblatt.

Chapter 3: What’s Happening in Our Bodies
By Nancy Fugate Woods and Ellen Sullivan Mitchell.  Thanks for help to Stacie Geller, Patricia Rackowski, Nancy Reame, and Diana Siegal.

Chapter 4: Sudden and Early Menopause
By Jean Elson with Patricia Noone.  Thanks for help to Nora Coffey, Debbie DeAngelo, and Wendy Garling.

Chapter 5: Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, and Sleep Disturbances
By June Rogers.  Thanks for help to Janine O’Leary Cobb, Leilani Doty, Joel Lexchin, and Margaret Moloney.

Chapter 6: Vulvovaginal Health
By Rebecca Kightlinger, with Shannon Berning (“Vaginal Health after Vaginoplasty”).  Thanks for help to William M. Burke, Jane Goto, Rebecca Kightlinger, Eric Leach, Susan Levenstein, Esther Morris, Elizabeth Stewart, and Moonhawk River Stone.

Chapter 7: Hormone Treatment
By Amy Allina and Kristen Suthers, with Shannon Berning and Moonhawk River Stone (“Hormones and Transgender Health”).  Thanks for help to the National Women’s Health Network, Becky Alison, Kay Dickersin, Patricia Dougherty, Stacie Geller, Elizabeth Mandell, JoAnn Pinkerton, Elizabeth Plourde, Lynn Rosenberg, Ben Singer, and Jessica Xavier.

Chapter 8: Body Image
By Patti Owen-Smith, with Diana Zuckerman (breast implants).  Thanks for help to Margaret Morganroth Gullette, Christina Roache, and Deborah Sullivan.

Chapter 9: Sexuality
By Lenore Pomerance with Wendy Wolfson (birth control and unexpected pregnancy).  Thanks for help to Adrienne Asch, Barbara Boston, Liz Coolidge, Suzanne Folger, Sandra Leiblum, Susan Levenstein, Phyllis Mansfield, Maurizio Macaluso, Gina Ogden, Nancy Reame, Jeanne Shaw, Victoria Wright, and all the women who generously shared their stories.

Chapter 10: Family Life and the Workplace
By Joan Ditzion and Nancy London (“Becoming a Mother”).  Thanks for help to Nada Stotland, Anita Taylor, and Trish Wilson.

Chapter 11: Emotional Well-Being and Stress Management
By Kristin DeJohn and Leslee Kagan, with Joan Ditzion.  Thanks for help to Nada Stotland, Anita Taylor, and Trish Wilson.

Chapter 12: Eating Well
By Ellen Barlow.  Thanks for help to Marion Nestle and Elaine Rosenblatt.

Chapter 13: Staying Active
By Ellen Barlow and Miriam Nelson.  Thanks for help to Diane Dahm, Mickie Randazza, and Maria Skinner.

Chapter 14: Uterine and Bladder Health
By Susan Green Cooksey (uterine health) and Carolyn Sampselle (bladder health).  Thanks for help to Dianne Bailey, Kate Beadle, Jeanette Brown, George Flesh, Janis Luft, Aldie Rol, and Nanette Santoro.

Chapter 15: Memory and Mood
By Jeanne Leventhal Alexander, based on earlier work by Jeanne Leventhal Alexander, Lorraine Dennerstein, Nancy Fugate Woods, Victor Henderson, and Krista Kotz.  Thanks for help to Vivien Burt, Janet Currie, Leilani Doty, Anne Rochon Ford, Joel Lexchin, Donna Stewart, and Nada Stotland.

Chapter 16: Bone Health
By Charlea Massion.  Thanks for help to John Abramson, Amy Allina, Ellen Barlow, Adriane Fugh-Berman, Bon¬nie Hillsberg, Betsy McClung, Michael McClung, Cindy Pearson, and the National Women’s Health Network.

Chapter 17: Heart Health
By Judith Hsia and Ginny Levin, with John Abramson (“Questioning the Role of Cholesterol”) and Aggie Casey (“Stress and the Heart”).  Thanks for help to Warren Bell, Beatrice Golomb, and Vicki Meyer.

Chapter 18: Cancers
By Barbara Brenner, William Burke, Barbara Dunn, Angela Kueck, and Jennifer Rhode, with Wendy Garling. Thanks for help to Sheldon Cherry, Wanda Davis, Marcela Del Carmen, Margaret Moloney, and Ellen Richmond.

Chapter 19: Other Medical Concerns
By Margaret Moloney (headache), Amy Lazev (smoking), Nancy Poole (alcohol), Lenore Riddell (alcohol), and Wendy Wolfson (all others).  Thanks for help to Victoria Almquist, Michelle Bloch, Elisabeth Broderick, and Martha Katz.

Chapter 20: The Politics of Women’s Health
By Joan Ditzion, with Sherry Sherman (“Important Gaps in Knowledge about the Menopause Transition”). Thanks for help to Jacqueline Lapidus, Ruth Palombo, Susan Sered, and Ellen Shaffer.

Chapter 21: Finding Our Power, Organizing for Change
By Gloria Feldt and Kimala Price.  Thanks for help to Nancy Becker, Eileen Breslin, Ceil Cleveland, Vickie Costa, Vanesa Cullins, Joan Ditzion, Wendy Garling, Tamara Kreinin, Friedrike Merck, Sandy Owen, Joyce Roche, Susan Roll, Ema Rosero, Edith Silvas, and Jean Woody.

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