A book of wisdom and self-being

By OBOS — May 29, 2011

By Inna Hudaya

Quinn fuller, my beloved American friend, is the first who introduce me to OBOS. She and I started a weekly workshop and self-help group in Yogyakarta in 2009.

My work focuses around abortion issues in Indonesia, and as a counsellor I found that less education and information on sexuality and reproductive health leads to unwanted pregnancies that end in abortion. Unsafe abortion is the common option for women in Indonesia, especially for unmarried women, women in rural areas and poor women.

Based on these facts, the Sexuality and Reproductive Health workshop and self-help group is our first step to provide information and education to these women. We use OBOS as the source for the workshop. I never enjoyed reading a book like OBOS. I love the language because it makes me feel like I’m reading a magazine—so fun !

A change starts from an itch to act. Start with workshop in 2009, and a year later, I and two American girls, Quinn Fuller and Jeannie Mc’Intosh were designing curriculum for our first Sexuality and Reproductive Health School in Yogyakarta. This is a 16 day/48 session school for 15 scholars in Yogyakarta. This year, we will invite scholars not only from Yogyakarta but all over Indonesia. Yet again, OBOS has really been helpful and has become my favourite source.

What I like most bout OBOS is it gives women many options, yet lets women decide what is best for them. Not only does it give information, OBOS helps women find wisdom to know what they need.

Before Quinn left Indonesia, she gave me her copy of OBOS. To me it’s more than a gift, it’s a treasure and a blessing. It’s not just a gift for me, this is a gift for every women I work with, for every student of the school. We have only one copy of OBOS, but many students borrow it so they can share it with their communities.

I’m now working as facilitator for SRH, and OBOS is always there on my table whenever I need it.

Thank you OBOS!!

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4 responses to “A book of wisdom and self-being”

  1. Setiap hari kubaca. Sekarang lagi kutranslet sedikit demi sedikit untuk jadi bahan materi. Aku sedang mengumpulkan materi untuk buat SRHS di Makassar. Doain yah…

    Btw, Aku cuma punya 1 buku. Kalau ada duit, aku ingin copy yang lainnya.

    I love this book…

  2. I love the way you write this testimony, dear sister. I hope i have one of this book as soon as.

  3. Unfortunately, as far as we know, there isn’t an Indonesian adaptation of Our Bodies, Ourselves — in the story above, Inna is discussing her English copy of the book.

    Many years back we were in touch with a group of Indonesian women who expressed interest in working on a resource based on OBOS — but we’ve been unable to contact them or find out any other info.

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