A gift from my dad

By OBOS — February 12, 2011

Submitted by: Anna Hensley

I received my first copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves when I was 12. At the time, I was living with my single father and my younger brother. My dad gave me a copy of OBOS that he had purchased, I believe, as part of a Women’s Studies class he had taken in college. While my father has always been very open about talking about puberty, sexuality, and health with his children, he gave me OBOS in hopes that it might provide me with a richer and more thorough source of information on women’s health.

When he gave me the book, I was embarrassed and threw it under my bed. But shortly after, I pulled it out again and began perusing its pages. By the time I was 15, I had read the book in its entirety and asked my dad for an updated edition for Christmas.

Having a well-researched, expansive, feminist women’s health resource at my disposal—especially one written with a tone of genuine care and respect—made all the difference for me. I credit OBOS as the root of my interest in feminism, health, and the body, and it has had a lasting impact on the work that I continue to do today.

Thank you, OBOS!

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