About That "Do No Harm" Clause ...

December 17, 2008

A woman is suing the doctor who delivered her baby nine months ago, claiming his painful methods and condescending attitude toward her and the hospital staff made the birth a hellish experience.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “Dr. Scott Pierce — a fill-in for [Catherine] Skol’s doctor who was out of town — arrived four hours later and immediately chastised Skol for not calling ahead. The suit said the doctor told Skol she would soon have the baby and that there was no time for pain medication.

“Later, Pierce allegedly told a nurse that Skol deserved the pain because she had not called before coming in. ‘Sometimes pain is the best teacher,’ the suit quoted him as saying.”

There’s more. At one point Pierce told the mother to “”Shut up, close your mouth and push,” according to the civil suit filed in Cook County.

Rush University Medical Center, where the delivery took place, said in statement that Pierce, who is in private practice and is not employed by the hospital, was disciplined with a written warning and indefinite probation following an internal hospital investigation. Pierce declined to comment.

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