Another Appalling Family Planning Appointee

By Rachel Walden — October 17, 2007

On Monday, President Bush appointed Dr. Susan Orr as Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs (a Health and Human Services Agency), placing Orr in charge of the nation’s family planning activities under Title X. In the past, Orr has applauded efforts to exclude birth control from health coverage for federal employees, stating that “fertility is not a disease,” and encouraged efforts to withdraw approval of RU-486.

Orr previously worked as an associate commissioner in the Administration for Children and Families, as well as for the anti-contraception and anti-reproductive rights Family Research Council.

This is the position previously held by Eric Keroack, another widely criticized appointment.

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3 responses to “Another Appalling Family Planning Appointee”

  1. Yet another example of Bush putting the fox in the hen house.
    Perhaps a strategy for attacking this one is her obvious lack of support for prevention and the danger to maternal health of someone who takes action against prevention efforts, particularly in face of the terrible maternal mortality rates in the US.

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