Fed Up With Misinformation About Healthcare Reform? Tell Your Own Story

By Christine Cupaiuolo — September 1, 2009

my_rapid_report_healthcareForget everything you’ve heard or seen about the healthcare debate. OK, not everythingjust the lies and misinformation.

Feel better? Want to do something with that positive energy? The Media Consortium (TMC), a network of progressive, independent journalism organizations, explains how you can change the debate with your own reporting:

Your story is getting lost in the shouting and political posturing. But it’s these stories that can make the difference in how health care is covered in the national media and how politicians will vote. We’re asking you to join us in this exciting citizen journalism project to help uncover the the health care stories of real people, including your own.

TMC goes on to suggest that you videotape a health care town hall; interview community members about their healthcare stories; or tell your own personal story. Then all you have to do is upload your video at MyRapidReport.com, which even provides interviewing tips.

All submissions are reviewed by The UpTake, a video news gathering organization that encourages citizen journalists. The videos will be available for the public to view, and TMC’s network will look through them for stories that “help identify the needs and hopes of everyday citizens around the future of our healthcare as they continue to monitor, report and organize around this critical issue.”

Live in New York City? Lucky you. You can tape your story in the studio at GRITtv. Space is available starting Friday, Sept. 11, and every Friday afterward. Email gritv@grittv.org to reserve a time.

And be sure to tell us when you upload a video. We’d love to link to it and help amplify your side in the debate.

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