Fighting Personhood Bills: National Advocates for Pregnant Women

By OBOS — April 21, 2009

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Entrant: Anonymous

Nominee: National Advocates for Pregnant Women

I’d like to nominate National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW) for the Our Bodies Ourselves Women’s Health Heroes contest.

NAPW is currently working to educate people about personhood bills, which are being sponsored in at least five states. These bills are a concerted effort of an organization called Personhood USA, and if a bill should be enacted it will give unborn fetuses “full state constitutional rights from the moment of fertilization.” This is very dangerous ground, and I’m glad NAPW is doing something about it.

How Personhood USA & The Bills They Support Will Hurt ALL Pregnant Women from NAPW on Vimeo.

6 responses to “Fighting Personhood Bills: National Advocates for Pregnant Women”

  1. This is a great organization! NAPW’s broad advocacy in support of all women, as it concerns reproductive choices, pregnancy, parenting, and public policy, is much needed. NAPW is truly a women’s health hero and should be recognized for its excellent work.

  2. In 1962 I almost died from a terrifying back alley abortion. For years I’ve been passionately pro-actively “pro-choice”. NAPW raises the bar on the issue of choice to a whole new level of awareness. My eyes are opening: their stance is enlightened by articulating this perspective: “Fighting Personhood Bills: National Advocates for Pregnant Women”

  3. besides being an amazing organization, NAPW articulates clearly the importance of treating women with dignity and supporting all choices. I have used information NAPW publishes–including this video– in my college classes. They are powerfully able to stir passion in my students.

  4. National Advocates for Pregnant Women has long advocated based upon the philosophy that so long as any pregnant woman is under attack, all women are under attack. They have taken on the hard issues and extended a hand to every woman in support of her choice about her pregnancy. NAPW’s clear vision and leadership are invaluable to protecting us all. The organization deserves our support and admiration!

  5. I would too like to endorse the nomination of NAPW. I am currently the Legal Counsel for the Big Push for Midwives Campaign and, although I speak only for myself right now, I’d like to share with everyone my opinion that Lynn and NAPW have been great partners and allies with the entire birthing rights community on issues ranging from forced c-section, denial of vbac, lack of access to midwifery services, right to choose home birth, and other important issues for women and babies. As Lynn always reminds everyone, 84% of American women carry pregnancies to term and give birth at some point in their lives. NAPW stands for the rights of all pregnant women and for reproductive health choices across the entire spectrum of a woman’s reproductive health lifetime.

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