Friday Double Dose: More on Keroack, Pelosi's Clothes and Notable Books

By Christine Cupaiuolo — November 24, 2006

The Doctor Is In: Amanda Schaffer writes for Slate about Bush appointee Eric Keroack, the anti-family planning advocate who was put in charge of family planning. Which makes perfect sense in the Bush scheme of things. Besides providing medically incorrect information about contraception, “Keroack also promotes a wacky piece of pseudoscience: the claim that premarital sex disrupts brain chemistry so as to create a physiological barrier to happy marriage,” writes Schaffer, adding:

Keroack’s appointment, as deputy assistant secretary of population affairs within the Department of Health and Human Services, did not require congressional approval. The Bush administration picked him on its own. And women’s health advocates, editorial pages, and bloggers, along with Democratic members of Congress, are right to think he’s a crazy choice for this job.

Political Vogue: AP Writer Jocelyn Noveck asks, “Why do we focus on Pelosi’s clothes and not those of our president, or any male in Washington? Is it inherently sexist, detracting attention from her obvious accomplishments? Or is it merely a reflection of the obvious truth that, while clothes matter for both men and women, female attire is more noticeable, more expressive and more interesting?”

Dressed for Success: Rebecca Traister tackles a New York Times story that truly irked me this week about so-called inappropriately dressed doctors. Once again, the photo illustration commissioned for the story demonstrate the Times’ desire to appeal to Maxim subscribers.

Women’s Voices For Change: A new blog launched this week seeking nothing less than to revolutionize the meaning and perception of menopause in the 21st century and to celebrate the vitality of women over 40. Women’s Voices For Change board members have already written about former Gov. Ann Richard’s wit and inspiration, Wall Street Journal’s “50 Women to Watch,” and trying to get a story assignment from Gloria Steinem at the dawn of Ms. magazine. Full disclosure: I worked with WVFC on the launch, so I’m particularly thrilled that it made Page 6.

100 Notable Books of the Year: I haven’t delved into this NYT list yet, but I can’t think of a better starting point for holiday shopping …

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