I'm Pro-Choice and I Vote

By Christine Cupaiuolo — June 26, 2008

RH Reality Check has gathered all of its political coverage by D.C. correspondent Dana Goldstein and packaged it in one easy-to-find location: http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/blog/tag/prochoice-vote

Articles include an anti-choice ballot initiative watch; a look at pro-choice candidates fighting for Senate seats; and a discussion of whether the GOP is a mixed-choice party.

More election coverage can be found here.

One response to “I’m Pro-Choice and I Vote”

  1. You have the option to do what you want. We are a free society. But we do not get to choose our consequences. If you go rob a bank you can but the consequence is jail time. You never wanted jail time you just wanted to enjoy life a little. This is the same concept of pro choice. Why should you go and have sex and choose what happens if you get pregnant. Its your fault deal with it. You don’t need to kill the baby. There are other options like adoption. I am adopted and I wouldnt be here today if my birthmom Choose abortion. Is my life less important then yours because I wasnt planned? I know you can have your own opinion and I can have mine. If you are considering abortion though I hope you choose to not. 🙂

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