Live in Massachusetts? Take 2 Minutes to Support Bill Regulating Certified Professional Midwives

By OBOS — July 25, 2012

Our Bodies Ourselves has partnered with The Big Push for Midwives in support of this important legislation. Please take a moment to learn how you can help improve the health of mothers and infants in Massachusetts. Thank you! – Judy Norsigian, OBOS Executive Director


If you care about mothers and babies, the Commonwealth needs your help TODAY to PASS HB 4253, An Act Relative to Certified Professional Midwives.

We have just a few days left to pass this important legislation that will regulate Certified Professional Midwives.

Currently, there is no state oversight, which means ANYONE — even an 18-year-old car mechanic — can hang out a shingle and practice as a midwife. Hairdressers must be licensed to practice in Massachusetts, but midwives do not.

Should a “cut and color” be regulated and have professional practice requirements while MA midwives currently have none?

How to Help

  • GIVE them an update on the bill, HB 4253 — An Act Relative to Certified Professional Midwives — and let them know the bill is now with the House Ways and Means committee.
  • ASK them to contact Chairman Dempsey’s office (617-722-2990) (representing Haverill and Chair, House Ways & Means Committee) to REQUEST that HB 4253 BE RELEASED TO THE HOUSE FLOOR FOR A VOTE ASAP.
  • ASK them to then support the bill when it reaches the House Floor.
  • URGE them to tell their colleagues to support the bill on the House Floor.The calls will take TWO minutes or less. Please pass this on to friends, family, neighbors and anyone else to also make calls. We need to flood the State House!

Want to do even more?

PLEASE reach out to Massachusetts HOUSE LEADERSHIP (see listing at the end of this message), letting them know:

  • This bill is important to you
  • That this bill is being supported by House leaders

Also, we will be at the State House on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons this week (7/25 and 7/26). Please join us! Drop a quick email to Ann Sweeney at ann AT, and we’ll let you know where to rendezvous with us.

Please help us in spreading the word and passing this legislation into law! Keep the calls coming! We need EVERYONE to call to get this done! Make a difference! Make it count!

Thank you for your support!

– Ann Sweeney (Mass Friends of Midwives)

ann AT

– Miriam Khalsaak (Mass Midwives Alliance)

akmidwife AT


To help out even more:

CALL more Massachusetts House Leadership

Other Important Representatives in House Leadership to call:

Rep. Haddad—very supportive—617-722-2600

Speaker DeLeo—he is aware of the bill—seems to understand need for it—617-722-2500

Rep. Reinstein—very supportive and a co sponsor—617-722-2180

Rep. Moran (Boston and Brookline)—supportive and a co-sponsor— 617-722-2006

Rep. Story (Amherst)—very supportive—617-722-2012

Rep. Donato—seems supportive—617-722-2040

Rep. Mariano—has always supported licensure bills—617-722-2300

Rep. Jones—aide seems supportive—617-722-2100

Rep. Rushing—617-722-2783

Rep. Bradley—617-722-2520

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