New Website for Women's Health Information

By Rachel Walden — March 17, 2008

The National Library of Medicine and Office of Research on Women’s Health have teamed up to provide a new website to help you find research and resources on women’s health topics, especially those featured in the 2008 National Institutes of Health Priorities for Women’s Health [PDF].

Although this announcement lists two websites, one from NLM and one from ORWH, they seem to have overlapping content that is organized slightly differently. The NLM site is probably easiest to use, as it lists resources by topic rather than by the database or website they’re contained in.

Subjects covered include caregiving, family planning, senior health, health disparities, substance abuse, cancer, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, heart disease, hormone therapy, bone and joint health, and many others. For each topic, you’ll find links to consumer health information, a searchable database of clinical trials, journal citations, journal citations that are specifically for results from clinical trials, major reports, and other relevant resources.

This could be a great starting point if you’re looking for an easy way to find this type of women’s health information online, and links primarily to resources from the National Institutes of Health and National Library of Medicine, so you know that the sites are vetted in a way that the results from a plain internet search are not.

As a medical librarian in “real life,” I’m especially interested in whether this new site is helpful to you; let me know in the comments. I’m happy to take questions about how to use the PubMed and sites that are linked from this resources as well.

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