Newsweek on Rethinking Gender

By Christine Cupaiuolo — May 15, 2007

Newsweek has published an issue about the mystery of gender and the new visibility of transgender America. It’s a rather comprehensive package that overall seems to have been handled well.

I particularly enjoyed the interview with L.A. Times sports columnist Christine Daniels, a terrific writer. Her last column as Mike Penner, in which she discussed her life as a transsexual sportswriter, drew so much support that the L.A. Times invited her to blog about the transition. You can read more at Woman in Progress.

Of course, things didn’t go so well for former city manager Steve Stanton, who was fired in February from his post as city manager of Largo, Fla., after announcing that he would pursue a sex-change operation.

Today, Susan Ashley Stanton is in Washington, D.C., lobbying for transgender rights. The St. Petersburg Times had a story over the weekend about Stanton’s transition and the preparation involved in sitting for her first portrait — a photo she very much wanted to be involved in the making of.

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