Occupational Health Resources for Labor Day

By Rachel Walden — September 1, 2008

For Labor Day, a round-up of links dealing with occupational health and workplace-related issues relevant to women:

Women’s Safety and Health Issues at Work – National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

MedlinePlus: Occupational Health – National Library of Medicine

Women and Occupational Health – World Health Organization

Workplace Safety and Health – CDC

Women Workers – Human Rights Watch

Working it Out: Breastfeeding at Work – La Leche League

National Center for Farmworker Health

Have more, especially on specific topic areas? Please leave them in the comments!

One response to “Occupational Health Resources for Labor Day”

  1. Interesting Labor Day link collection. On the NIOSH site the brochure for Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace was last updated in 1999. I wonder how often they update that sort of thing? Or if they only create these types of informative safety brochures when obligated to do so.

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