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Depo-Provera: "I Wouldn’t Recommend It to Anyone"
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When Antidepressants Leave Lasting Damage
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Center for Genetics and Society and Our Bodies Ourselves Receive MacArthur Foundation Award

June 11, 2014

by Judy Norsigian & Marcy Darnovsky We are delighted to announce that the Center for Genetics and Society and Our Bodies Ourselves…

OBOS’s History is the History of the Women’s Liberation Movement

May 11, 2014

At a recent conference at Boston University, OBOS founders Nancy Miriam Hawley, Paula Doress-Worters, Wendy Sanford, and myself wove together our diverse…

Experts Discuss Women’s Health Movement and Healthcare Reform

March 18, 2014

“We are a very rich country, but we have rationed healthcare in a way that is unconscionable.” Judy Norsigian, Our Bodies Ourselves…

It’s all about equality, right?

February 20, 2014

by Andrew Gordon As a lifelong and active liberal, I walked into Dr. Jill Gillespie’s Intro to Women’s Studies class my senior year…

Does Viewing an Ultrasound Deter Women from Having an Abortion?

February 5, 2014

Source: Relationship Between Ultrasound Viewing and Proceeding to Abortion / Obstetrics & Gynecology January 2014 We all know what forcing women to…

Your Ad Here: Help Our Bodies Ourselves Advertise in The Boston Globe!

January 31, 2014

Can you imagine if Our Bodies Ourselves took out an ad in The Boston Globe? We could announce the launch of our…

Want the Facts About Women’s Health?

December 30, 2013

When people hear that I write for Our Bodies Ourselves, they often share stories of their first encounter with the book. Time…

Striving for Gender Equity: My Journey to Armenia

December 24, 2013

Looking back on 2013, one of the highlights for me was a trip to Armenia where I spoke about gender equity and…

Cross-Border Surrogacy: How OBOS is Advancing Public Discourse and Action

December 19, 2013

by Ayesha Chatterjee & Sally Whelan In an episode that aired on primetime television in 2007, America’s favorite talk show host portrayed…

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals Honors Our Bodies Ourselves Founder Judy Norsigian

September 19, 2013

We are thrilled to announce that the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals selected Judy Norsigian, Our Bodies Ourselves co-founder and executive director, as the recipient…

Breast Cancer, Mastectomy and Breast Implants: A 20-Year History of Images and Attitudes

August 20, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning this week aired a segment looking at breast cancer and body image, especially women’s choices around reconstructive surgery and…

Night Sweats: A Memoir on an Unplanned Pregnancy

July 22, 2013

Librarian Laura Crossett has just published a memoir of her unplanned pregnancy, “Night Sweats: An Unexpected Pregnancy.” I’d recommend it on the…

Lessons Learned: Why Midwives Should Matter to Everyone

July 8, 2013

  “Interesting! … What’s that?” This is the typical response I received when I told people, especially my peers, that I was…

Adapting “Our Bodies, Ourselves” for Iranian and Vietnamese Women and Girls

May 23, 2013

Committed friends of the Vietnamese OBOS project Susan Bailey (left) and Roslyn Feldberg and Nancy Hammett (right), join Project Director Khuat Thu Hong…

Supporting Women – At Home and Around the World

May 22, 2013

First in an occasional series by OBOS staff about their work and their lives. Ayesha and her daughter, Tara I was welcomed…

“Educate Congress” Accomplished: Every Member Now Has a Copy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves”

May 20, 2013

Every member of Congress has pages of accurate information on women’s health at their fingertips – more than 900 pages to be…

Our Bodies Ourselves Heads to Austin and Chicago With “Absolutely Safe”

March 15, 2013

Hey Austin and Chicago! Judy Norsigian, founder and executive director of Our Bodies Ourselves, and film director Carol Ciancutti are heading to…

Women’s History: The New York Times Reviews “Our Bodies, Ourselves”

March 13, 2013

Forty years ago today, The New York Times reviewed “Our Bodies, Ourselves” under the headline “Thinking About the Thinkable.” It’s fascinating to…

Delivery of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” to Members of Congress Launches on Capitol Hill

February 28, 2013

Erin Thornton, Judy Norsigian, Rep. Jim McGovern, and Christy Turlington Burns Last fall, following a sex-ed road trip with The Ladydrawers to deliver…

Women’s History Makers: “Our Bodies, Ourselves”

February 26, 2013

“Makers: Women Who Make America,” the PBS/AOL documentary, debuts tonight on PBS at 8 p.m. (check local listings). If you’re on Twitter…

Our Bodies Ourselves Goes to Nepal: Women’s Health Activists Discuss Cross-Border Surrogacy

December 13, 2012

Women in Udaipur, eastern Nepal with WOREC founder Dr. Renu Rajbhandari (far left) and the OBOS Nepali booklets to which they contributed…