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Depo provera
Depo-Provera: "I Wouldn’t Recommend It to Anyone"
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When Antidepressants Leave Lasting Damage
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Study by Former Female Prisoner Highlights Lack of Healthcare in Prison

October 11, 2006

From the LA Times, Maeve Reston writes: Some prisoners held at the California Institution for Women in Corona failed to get basic…

Elderbloggers Shift the Universe

October 10, 2006

A reader recently asked if I knew there was a category of bloggers called “elderbloggers.” I had to confess that while I…

Speak Out for Girls and Books

October 9, 2006

Want to help get “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson — and other essential books about girls by authors like Judy Blume and…

All Pink’d Out On Breast Cancer?

October 6, 2006

Five years after Barbara Enrenreich’s masterful critique of ultrafeminine breast cancer commercial culture ran in Harper’s Magazine, it’s the pinkest October ever…

Friday Extra, Extra!

October 6, 2006

Women Face Greatest Threat of Violence at Home, Study Finds: The International Herald Tribune reports on the results of a new study…

Till Death Join Us Together

October 5, 2006

In some rural parts of China, local custom puts a high premium on marriage — even in death. “To ensure a son’s…

Targeting Girls

October 4, 2006

Monday’s massacre in Pennsylvania that left five school girls dead at the hand of neighbor whose plan apparently included sexual assault and…

New Menopause Book Arrives!

October 3, 2006

It’s here! Our new book, Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause, was officially released today! Here at the Our Bodies Ourselves office, we are…

The Menopause Guide We’ve All Been Waiting For

October 3, 2006

Despite all our medical and cultural advancements, menopause, possibly more than any other women’s health issue, is still surrounded by an aura…

“Woman’s Hour” Turns 60

October 2, 2006

You’ve probably heard by now that Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda and friends have launched GreenStone Media, a national radio network that broadcasts…

Friday Extra, Extra!

September 29, 2006

Nature and Origins of Hysteria: The Scout Report, published by the Internet Scout Project at the University of Wisconsin, provides not only…

In Good Company: Banned Books Week

September 28, 2006

This week marks the 25th anniversary of Banned Books Week. Considering that the U.S. is all about preaching freedom these days, you’d…

The Female Brain

September 27, 2006

Mark Liberman did some digging into claims featured in the new book “The Female Brain,” specifically the I’ve-heard-it-so-often-it-must-be-true assertion that women talk…

Breast Implants Linked to Higher Suicide Rates; Nose Jobs Big in Iran

September 26, 2006

Add to the health debate over breast implants a study pointing to a higher rate of suicide among women who get implants…

Women During Wartime: Their Lives & Deaths

September 25, 2006

Sixty-five women in the U.S. military have died in Afghanistan or Iraq since 2002. That’s the cover story of Sunday’s New York…

Friday Extra, Extra!

September 22, 2006

Introducing the 23rd Carnival of Feminists — “This edition has a special focus on women and health care because issues of access…

Step C: Promote Plan B

September 21, 2006

An editorial by Anna Glasier published last week in the British Medical Journal noted that the abortion rate in the UK has…

Breaking a Tragic Silence

September 20, 2006

Committing suicide in response to racism or racial pressures has a long history in America, but it has rarely been discussed openly…

File Under: Suspicions Confirmed

September 20, 2006

From The New York Times: Women in science and engineering are hindered not by lack of ability but by bias and “outmoded…

Estelle Ramey: Rage On

September 19, 2006

Could a female president — prone to hormonal shifts and mood swings — be trusted to run the country? That question seemed…

Popular Drug to Treat Menopause Symptoms Lacks Approval

September 18, 2006

“In the first half of 2006, women in the USA spent nearly $90 million on unapproved estrogen-plus-testosterone pills, says IMS Health, a…