Participate in a Study of Body Image and Well-Being

By Rachel Walden — December 15, 2011

A Doctor of Psychology candidate at Deakin University in Australia who is working on her thesis about the connection between a woman’s body image and her sense of well-being contacted us with a request to share a link to the online questionnaire where women 18 and older can participate in her research.

The questionnaire will ask you about how you feel about your body, behaviors related to your body, and how you feel about yourself in general. You can complete it online and they estimate that it should take no more than 20-30 minutes to complete.

The survey includes some questions about sexual orientation, height, and weight, as well as your satisfaction with specific parts and areas of your body and how much you think you resemble your “ideal” body. The researchers do mention that “The completion of this study may result in increased self-awareness regarding your attitudes and feelings about your body, yourself, and your life. For some individuals, this self-awareness may produce…discomfort.” Information about how your responses will be kept private is also provided on the website.

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