Phyllis Schlafly, By the Book

By Christine Cupaiuolo — May 8, 2007

If Phyllis Schlafly’s contention last month that married women cannot be sexually assaulted by their husbands because “by getting married, the woman has consented to sex, and I don’t think you can call it rape,” didn’t convince even the staunchest of Schlafly’s supporters that the most famous anti-feminist’s theories are downright scary, then perhaps this commentary, in which Schlafly blames literary theory for causing Seung-Hui Cho’s murderous rampage at Virginia Tech, will do the job.

Thank goodness for the quick rebuttal — read the second comment by Mike.

But can anyone explain why college Republican groups continue to invite her to speak on campuses? Surely there must be another speaker who can diss feminism without also drawing attention for promoting such nonsense.

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