Preliminary 2009 Birth Data Released - Another Record High for Cesareans

By Rachel Walden — December 22, 2010

The CDC released its preliminary report on 2009 U.S. birth data this week, and the following finding is likely to be of interest to our readers:

The cesarean delivery rate rose to 32.9 percent in 2009, another record high.

This was a 2 percent increase over the previous year; the report indicates that the rate of cesarean is up nearly 60 percent since 1996. The increase was largest among non-Hispanic black women (up 3 percent), and women age 40 and over (half of all births in this group were by cesarean).

Preterm births declined for 2009, for the third year in a row. Other findings include a slight decline in the overall birth rate from 2008, a 6 percent decline in births to teenagers, and overall declines among every racial/ethnic category and almost every age group. Women age 40 to 44 were the only group whose birth rate increased in 2009, up 3 percent from 2008.

The report does not speculate as to the reasons for these decreases, but it’s hard not to wonder if economic conditions were a factor.

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  1. As for me I found that I wasn’t shocked about the preliminary findings of this study because I’m a student of this subject for as long as I remember. And life as well. Anyway, I’m in the middle of this and have no clue which side I will ultimate head up on. Found both types to be proven to be effective, but at the same time theres proven risks to it. Haven’t really done any serious learning and researching on this or etc as well. Basically, its a huge subject and etc.

  2. The increasing rate of C-sections is sad, but no surprise.

    I had a c-section with my first child four years ago. Now, 8 months pregnant, I’ve fought endlessly for a VBAC. I’ve been told I’m a great candidate for VBAC.

    But no doctor at the university teaching hospital will do a VBAC. No doctor will sign off for a midwife to aid me in a VBAC.

    So I’m left with no control or choice. I have to submit to a c-section that may or may not be necessary, but no one will give me the chance to try OR give birth by myself at home.

    It is overwhelming and frustrating.


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  4. Demeter, you still have choices. There are traveling midwives who will come to you for the birth; no need to get a local OB to “sign off” on it. Or there may be some underground midwives in your area who will attend you. Some women travel to get access.

    I hope you will join ICAN, the International Cesarean Awareness Network,, and join one of the email support lists or forums to get support for your situation. You might even be able to find more choices for your area.

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