Quick Hit: NPR Covers 50 Years of the Pill

By Rachel Walden — April 28, 2010

Monday’s episode of NPR program “On Point” focused on “The Pill’s Impact, Past and Present.” A transcript doesn’t seem to be available, but you can listen to the program online. The “On Point” site also links to a recent Time magazine piece on the topic, The Pill at 50: Sex, Freedom and Paradox.

Last Friday, “On Point” also covered the status of women in the workforce and pay equality. I haven’t heard either piece yet myself, but plan to listen soon. Let us know what you thought in the comments.

2 responses to “Quick Hit: NPR Covers 50 Years of the Pill”

  1. I am worried because women in their 20’s and 30’s seem to know about heavily advertised YAZ, but not about diaphragms and condoms–which do not disrupt their hormones. Since many are afraid of “the Pill” they seem to play “russian roulette” with their fertility.

    There are many options besides YAZ. But condoms, diaphragms and IUDS are not advertised.

    How can we help them with more knowledge that doesn’t come from BIG PHARMA.

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