Rachel Maddow on Republican-Led State Efforts to Interfere with Birth Control, Abortion

By Rachel Walden — February 15, 2012

Last night, Rachel Maddow took on Republican anti-birth control, anti-abortion efforts around the states, including really egregious legislation in Virginia that would force women to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds if they want an abortion. This would be the state mandating that women have an object placed in their vaginas, for no medical purpose, with no opportunity to refuse consent if they wanted an abortion, and no opportunity for their healthcare provider to decide if the imaging was necessary.

Just check out the clip:

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A transcript is available on the website.

One response to “Rachel Maddow on Republican-Led State Efforts to Interfere with Birth Control, Abortion”

  1. the only word that comes to mind is “asshole.” wait, a few more just came to me: smug, arrogant, vile, asshole. On a roll now: “pervert,” “voyeur.”

    unwanted penetration with a foreign object(ultrasound wand) sounds an awful lot like rape to me.

    would be frightening if it wasn’t so utterly ridiculously outrageous. This bs can’t, can’t, can’t and won’t prevail. the anger and power of pissed off women must not be underestimated. we are formidable and we must prevail. NO smirking white (or ANY) man asshole is going to tell me what to do with my body.

    question for Romney, Santorum, and related ilk: If sex is only for purposes of conception/procreation, AND you would deny women access to birth control, THEN why, why, why are erectile dysfunction medications frequently covered by medical insurance? Why aren’t those morons likewise proposing denying men ccess to ED medications? You can’t tell me that men are using ED meds ONLY for purposes of conception. Oh PUH-LEEZ. I am way past menopause. I’m getting to be an old lady. I can only imagine what the threat of having young women’s birth control decisions and choices potentially dictated to them by the government. God bless Planned Parenthood–without it, God only knows what would have become of me 40 years ago. I was a poor college student in those days, could barely afford my food and rent. I depended on PP for information and medication and they were always absolutely wonderful to me. I know I’m rambling, but I have a lot of emotions on the issue.

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