Raise a Stink! - Send a Letter Against Pinkwashing

By Rachel Walden — October 31, 2011

Pinkwashing is the selling of potentially harmful or cancer-causing products through pink ribbon promotions, many of which were active in October, which is national breast cancer awareness month.

Breast Cancer Action is running their “Raise a Stink!” campaign in response to concerns about one particular product, the “Promise Me” perfume marketed by Komen. BCA raised concerns that some ingredients in the product could be potential carcinogens, and objected to the small amount of money donated for each bottle of perfume.

Komen released a statement saying that its ingredients meet industry standards and applicable FDA guidelines, but the organization apparently plans to reformulate the perfume next year.

The FDA does not require cosmetic products to be tested and approved before they go on the market, and relies on voluntary industry disclosures of ingredients.

BCA also published a list of additional questions after reviewing Komen’s response, and is asking supporters to send a letter to Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s CEO, Chief Marketing Officer, and Vice President to request removal of the perfume from the market. BCA is also asking Komen to more carefully evaluate which products are marketed with pink ribbon promotions.

2 responses to “Raise a Stink! – Send a Letter Against Pinkwashing”

  1. WOW to this and was totally unaware that can happen. Even though I’m not at least one bit shocked with this news. Still this and everything else should be more regulated. As what it is like at the moment.

  2. It is scary to see all the dangerous chemicals that are in the health and beauty products we use everyday. We do our best to only use all natural soaps, shampoos and other products.

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