Reactions to the New ACOG Statement on VBAC

July 27, 2010

Following up on last week’s ACOG release of an updated VBAC practice bulletin – this one with an increased emphasis on maternal autonomy – we thought we’d take a look around the web for what others are saying about the new statement.

From organizations:

Lamaze International calls the new guideline “a step in the right direction, clearly stating that women with one previous cesarean should be offered VBAC,” but wonders if there is too much of the “immediately available” language still in the current version.

Choices in Childbirth applauds the new version for “encourag[ing] autonomy for women in their maternity care decisions.”

The International Cesarean Awareness Network expresses that ACOG is going to need to take “an active role in educating both women and practitioners about healthy childbirth practices; practices that not only encourage VBAC but discourage the overuse of primary cesareans” in order to “reverse the over a decade long trend of increasing cesarean rates and decreasing VBAC rates.”

From the blogs:

Birthing Beautiful Ideas expresses that the importance of the new guideline is “not because it will effect any immediate policy changes but because it gives women a tool to help them facilitate discussions with their care providers and/or their local hospitals so that they can advocate for their birthing options.”

Jill at The Unnecesarean asks How will ACOG handle the PR challenge of promoting VBAC as a safe option? and wonders how the organization and individual physicians will approach the shift in attitudes toward VBAC that the new bulletin represents. She also has links to coverage at several other blogs.

The Well-Rounded Mama is lighting virtual fireworks over the bulletin’s Good News for Vaginal Birth After Multiple Cesarean! (The new guideline says that women with two previous low transverse incisions can be considered candidates for a trial of labor)

Amie Newman at RHRC, Babble, and Broadsheet also discuss the new guideline.

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