Symposium on Gender and Terrorism

By Christine Cupaiuolo — March 1, 2009

Another “I’d be there if I lived closer” event …

The Women’s Rights Law Reporter, the nation’s first legal journal devoted to gender rights, is holding a free, public symposium exploring the intersections of gender and terrorism on Friday, March 6.

“The Gender Dimensions of Terrorism: How Terrorism Impacts the Lives of Women” will look at how terrorism affects women’s human rights, as well as the ways in which women put their bodies and lives at stake participating in acts of terror.

The symposium takes place at the Rutgers Center for Law and Criminal Justice in Newark, N.J. Panelists include academics, authors and staff from Amnesty International and RAND Corporation. Check here for more information and to register.

And this is cool — looks like the Women’s Rights Law Reporter will soon have its own blog.

Plus: Over at Feminist Law Professors, Bridget Crawford blogged from the symposium “From the Courtroom to the Mother’s Womb: Protecting Women’s Privacy in the Most Important Places,” which took place today and was sponsored by William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law.

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