The Inspiration of a Professor: Dr. Carol Boyd

By ross — April 1, 2009

From 2009 – 2011, Our Bodies Ourselves honored the work of women’s health advocates worldwide by asking readers to nominate their favorite women’s health hero. View all nominees by year: 2009, 2010, 2011

Entrant: Kate Weatherly

Nominee: Dr. Carol Boyd, professor at the University of Michigan

I am writing to nominate Dr. Carol Boyd for a Women’s Health Hero Award. I was lucky to be a student in Dr. Boyd’s Women’s Health course at the University of Michigan in 1994, and my life was changed by her teachings.

I was always a strong woman, and was inspired by Dr. Boyd’s course, which included reproductive health, childbirth, and many other issues. I was empowered by Dr. Boyd’s course, and when I gave birth as a single mom in 2000, I had a natural birth and knew that I had the knowledge to do what was good for my newborn daughter. I nursed her for 3 years and always felt confident that I had the education to do what was healthy for her.

If it were not for her course, I would not have been able to advocate for myself.  She was an inspiration and taught me to be confident in my own capabilities and to trust my instincts. Dr. Boyd changed my life.

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