Touring Your Body, One Story at a Time

By Christine Cupaiuolo — May 13, 2008

The New York Times today published a pull-out special section, “A Guided Tour of Your Body,” with articles and advice on healthy aging for every body part.

The graphics are a bit surreal to look at in print, but it makes more sense online, where each body part is an interactive link to a related story (don’t say you weren’t warned that the shoulders and knees lead to nowhere). Online additions include links to exercises, test-your-knowledge quizzes and health risk calculators.

Update: The knee now connects, as you might expect, to a story on knee surgery.

2 responses to “Touring Your Body, One Story at a Time”

  1. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough, but it seems they left out anything genitalia-related (with the exception of the male prostate). Surely there are important health issues relating to cervix, uterus, ovaries, vagina, etc?

  2. You are absolutely right. The interactive illustration is similar to sexless med school anatomical models. Maybe the lack anything genitalia-related is a reflection of newspaper cutbacks 🙂

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