Trust Women!

By Rachel Walden — January 6, 2012

Silver Ribbon campaign banner reading "Reproductive Rights are Human Rights"Our Bodies Ourselves is one of 42 partners in the Trust Women/Silver Ribbon campaign, a project to increase the visibility of pro-choice messages.

This week, the campaign has placed banners along Market Street in San Francisco to “spark conversations and to help build momentum and solidarity among supporters of women’s rights, equality and autonomy and access to comprehensive health care, including reproductive health care services.”

The banners display messages like “Reproductive Rights are Human Rights,” “Her Decision, Her Health,” and “U.S. Out of My Uterus,” and include related banners from the Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights, SisterSong/Trust Black Women, Catholics for Choice, NARAL-ProChoice California, and Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific. More photos of the banners in place around San Francisco are online, and more coverage is provided at Our Silver Blog.

Look for more activity later this month – during Trust Women Week, January 20-27, a virtual march will be held with MoveOn to express support for reproductive health, rights, and justice, and to send pro-choice messages to Washington.

2 responses to “Trust Women!”

  1. I am wondering where the idea of the silver ribbon came from. I cannot look at “a ribbon” and see anything but pink and the fight breast cancer message. I hate the publicity affiliated w/ the pink ribbon so much that I refuse to participate in any breast cancer related public events.

    Now, a silver ribbon? Who comes up w/ this and how is a ribbon a useful symbol? Far less perverse than privates yes but believe me when I say in the world of images, I am not impressed and though the cause is worthy, my conversation will be one of disdain toward the stupid ribbon! Can’t we do better than that? How about a baby? How about a baby crying? how about a mother holding her crying baby while she cries? Certainly there is something more provocative and powerful. A ribbon just isn’t a symbol of strength. Even a hug and hands weaving a tapestry say more.

    So, if you know who came up with this idea I’d love to have a conversation. And I’d love this feedback to get back to its source. I just can hardly take the conversation seriously b/c the symbol is weak and it lacks creativity. Sorry to say. Just random feedback.

    Sincerely, Ceestar

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