Update From WAM! Conference

By Christine Cupaiuolo — March 28, 2009


I’m thrilled to be at the annual WAM! conference this weekend — so many great activists, writers, journalists, artists and teachers in one (very cool) space brainstorming, debating and learning from each other.

Yesterday I taught a day-long workshop on blogging (note to participants: hope you alert us all to your new blogs soon!). At this moment, I’m in the back row of the session “New Administration, New World Order: The Top Five Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights Stories You’ll Want to Track — And How,” featuring Dana Goldstein, Emily Douglas and my boss, Kiki Zeldes.

Kiki’s talking about the not-quite-inaccurate-but-blatantly-biased condom information available on the CDC website under the Bush administration — the website stressed abstinence and downplayed the safety of condoms. Under the Obama administration, the CDC website has already been updated, and the new message states up front that correct and consistent use of condoms can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections. It’s just one example of subtle but important changes that can save lives. (Update: TheCh!ctionary.com captured Kiki’s comments.)

The only problem this afternoon is deciding which sessions to attend. I may duck next door to catch Deanna Zandt and Susan Mernit, who are presenting on social media tools.

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  1. We were at WAM too and we attended the New Administration, New World Order session – it was a really interesting discussion, and we were able to talk to Kiki Zeldes for a few minutes afterwards and she was great.

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