What Women Want This Election: Universal Healthcare, Comprehensive Sex-Ed, Federal Funding for Maternity/Paternity Leave ...

By Christine Cupaiuolo — August 19, 2008

Wondering how we can be so sure? Easy. We’re following the “speakouts” posted at ThisIsWhatWomenWant.com.

The newly launched site, a project of the Center for New Words (which sponsors the annual WAM! conference), is open to all women who want to make their voices heard:

This Is What Women Want is your chance to cut through the spin and tell the media, the candidates and the world exactly what you want this election season. Let’s demonstrate how diverse we are in thought, action, and experience. Let’s uncover what we have in common. Let’s amplify our own and each others’ voices until they cannot be ignored.

There are two ways to get heard:

* Online: Right here at ThisIsWhatWomenWant.com is the place to declare and describe what you want from the candidates and the media.

* In Person: Throughout the Fall, we’ll be embarking on a This Is What Women Want Tour of speakouts across the country, starting in Boston and then taking place in each debate city the night before the debate. At each location, local and national media will sit up and listen to women – from the very famous to the not-yet-known. It could be your voice at that mic!

However you participate, we’ll be sending the best speakouts to the media and the candidates every week.

Ready to speak out? Get started here. And check the events section for a schedule of speakouts across the country.

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