"What's the Matter With Kansas?" Film Features Protests Against Dr. George Tiller

By Christine Cupaiuolo — June 4, 2009

Good reading today at Salon’s Broadsheet. First, Lynn Harris writes about the George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund, which our own Judy Norsigian mentioned yesterday.

“A generous donation from a venerable benefactor also came in via U.S. mail on Monday, the day after the shooting,” writes Harris. “It was $500 — and it was sent, days before he was shot, by Dr. Tiller himself.”

The doctor’s own gift — remarkably spooky, remarkably generous — “makes clear that the Memorial Abortion Fund is a fitting tribute to this compassionate provider of critical abortion care,” said [NNAF executive director Stephanie] Poggi.

If you’re inspired, you may donate to the fund here. And for the love of God, may there never be a Dr. Carhart fund to match.

Next up is Judy Berman’s post on the documentary “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” based on Thomas Frank’s bestselling book that explores the progressive state’s rightward turn.

In the clip below, Tiller calmly recalls the pickets, the arrests and the 1993 attempt on his life. There’s also footage from the 1991 protests, part of the “Summer of Mercy.”

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